ESC hiring Ayahuasca Dialogues field researchers to interview stakeholders in Brazil, Colombia, Ecuador and Peru

ESC hiring Ayahuasca Dialogues field researchers to interview stakeholders in Brazil, Colombia, Ecuador and Peru

Update: All researcher positions have been filled. Please check back in the future for more opportunities to work with the ESC!




The ESC is hiring Ayahuasca Dialogues field researchers to interview stakeholders in Brazil, Colombia, Ecuador and Peru


**Download the full job description in pdf format**

Title: Field Researcher (Consultant, part time)

Location(s): (at least one person will be hired in Brazil, Colombia, Ecuador, and Peru)

About the ESC:

Our mission and work: The Ethnobotanical Stewardship Council (ESC) is a nonprofit organization launched in 2013 dedicated to transforming lives by assuring the sustainability and safe use of traditional plants. We believe that the best way to encourage people to work safely and sustainably with traditional plants is to help make best practice more visible and accessible to the market. We offer ESC members a voluntary assurance system whereby good work is recognized and rewarded. Assessment criteria are based on sustainability and safety principles and criteria developed by consensus through ESC’s Plant Dialogues.

The Ayahuasca Dialogues: The flagship Plant Dialogue is the ESC Ayahuasca Dialogues to build consensus about the safe use and sustainability of ayahuasca in ways that protect seekers, benefit traditional knowledge holders, enrich local communities, and protect biodiversity and the natural environment. The Ayahuasca Dialogues will establish the Ayahuasca Agreement that outline principles and criteria for determining ayahuasca site safety and sustainability best practices and good cultivation techniques. Ayahuasca centers and practitioners can then request to have their performance assessed according to the content of the Ayahuasca Agreement. The voluntary assessment process and results will be transparent so as to encourage learning and community self-improvement, and then communicated consistently to attract conscientious visitors.

About the field researcher positions:

ESC Field Researchers are responsible for interviewing key stakeholders in countries or regions in which the ESC is working to grow the Ayahuasca Dialogues, including Brazil, Colombia, Ecuador, and Peru. ESC Research Associates will work with the ESC Research Coordinator and Chief Advisor to reach out to and interview stakeholders and report findings to the ESC Ayahuasca Dialogues team. The research will be guided the Ayahuasca Dialogues Research Committee (ADRC).

Key responsibilities: Contact and conduct interview stakeholders associated with ayahuasca centers, indigenous groups, government departments, cultivators, and others working with ayahuasca, as agreed with the ESC, guided by the ADRC, and based on stakeholder mapping.

  • Suggest and interview additional stakeholders.
  • Keep careful notes according to the interview guidelines
  • Report findings to the ESC in Spanish or English as appropriate with explanatory notes in either English or Spanish.


  • At least a bachelor’s degree in a relevant subject, preferably masters or PhD.
  • Experience conducting interviews or field research.
  • Experience working in fields related to this research, such as sustainable economic development, sustainable tourism, horticulture, qualitative research, or other relevant disciplines.
  • Fluent or near-fluent Spanish or Portuguese and advanced English abilities.

Personal attributes:

  • Professionalism, diplomacy, and constructive attitude.
  • Ability to learn quickly.
  • Ability to build and maintain trust with stakeholders.


  • Candidates should be able to work independently, from home, and in the field.
  • Candidates will be expected to put together a budget estimate and timeline for research to be approved by the ESC before traveling to conduct research.

Start Date: As early as April 20, 2014.

To Apply: Please submit CV and cover letter to “recruiting {a} ethnobotanicalcouncil [*] org” with the subject line: “Field Researcher, [name of country]” as soon as possible. Submissions will be received on a rolling basis. Final deadline for submission is April 15, 2014.

Remuneration: Compensation will be based on the number of interviews completed and submitted satisfactorily to the ESC. Payments will be made on a monthly basis on approved interview results.

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Due to sustained opposition from a small but significant portion of stakeholders, we have dissolved the Ethnobotanical Stewardship Council.

We are grateful for your support in increasing dialogue, learning with one another, and raising awareness about safer, more sustainable, and more reciprocal traditional plant use practices.

For a summary of our work, please see our 2014 financial report or our Dialogues Report.

If you are interested in learning more about ethnobotanicals, please visit ICEERS.