Iboga & ibogaine safety and sustainability

Iboga(Tabernanthe iboga) has been used for thousands of years by the Bobongo and other tribes of the Central West African rainforest, and more recently in the spiritual discipline of Bwiti. It’s primary active alkaloid, ibogaine, has been shown to possess very unique properties in the treatment of withdrawal and cravings from opiates and other drugs.

One recent report suggests that iboga may be threatened in its natural habitat due to over-harvesting and other factors, but more research is needed to assess the scope of the situation.

The ESC is working closely with our partner, the Global Ibogaine Therapist Alliance (GITA), to support their work in shaping safety and sustainability standards to support traditional knowledge holders. Read more about our iboga sustainability work on the GITA website.

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Due to sustained opposition from a small but significant portion of stakeholders, we have dissolved the Ethnobotanical Stewardship Council.

We are grateful for your support in increasing dialogue, learning with one another, and raising awareness about safer, more sustainable, and more reciprocal traditional plant use practices.

For a summary of our work, please see our 2014 financial report or our Dialogues Report.

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