The Ethno Botanical Council is part of a network of websites set up to discuss many of the merits of alternative healing, drugs, herbs, and lifestyles.

We call it “the kratom place”, because it mainly deals with the social, legal, personal, mental, and physical aspects of using kratom. But not just kratom, other types of legal herbs as well, things like kanna, akuamma, and even salvia.

But we are about far more than that. We, like so many other people now, are outraged by the drug laws in the USA and beyond.

What annoys us most is that cannabis is now legal in most states in the USA. However, despite that simple fact, you can still be tested for drugs at work, test positive for cannabis use, and be sacked on the spot.

That’s simply massively unfair. You’re doing something completely legal, outside of your work hours, that does not impact on your ability to do your job, and yet you are penalized for it. That’s social control, and the government know it. They know that they can relax the laws that state, or even federal level, but as long as employers are encouraged to dismiss people for drug use, then socially, it still has a chilling effect but without them being the bad guys.

So, as part of the social fightback, this website also talks about passing drug test using evasion techniques.

We cover passing drug test using fake urine, getting clean, using products such as detox drinks, detox pills, and other high-quality detox products.

But more than that, this site is educational. We will help you understand how drugs act in your system, and for how long they are detectable. Plus, we will talk about how they exit the body, and how you can accelerate (or mask) that process.

The website was set up by me. I’m John, I’m 32, and I live in the USA. That’s all I’m going to say about me personally, other than the fact that I do have a long-term girlfriend, and we are planning to have children soon.

What’s important here is that this website is mainly about the benefits of kratom. It’s an incredible natural herb in Southeast Asia, and I’ve been using it for around five years. Sometimes I use it recreationally, especially as I’m not a fan of alcohol. But mostly, I use it for sciatica. I’ve suffered with it for years, and I found I was getting addicted to powerful opioid medication. But switching over time the kratom, I still alleviate the pain, but don’t now crave taking the pills as much.

Now I’m not saying it’s all good. At high doses, kratom does become a full agonist of all four main opioid receptors in the body, which puts it in tandem with opiates such as heroin and morphine. However, it does not have the same addictive effects as those narcotics, and it does not interact in the body the same way.

But it is a central nervous depressant, and frequent high-dose use can have effects on the body, and importantly, on the mind as well.

That’s why I advocate sensible use of kratom, and other medicinal herbs, through education and allowing people to use their own common sense. Regulating your dosage, using only high-grade kratom, spreading out your doses, understanding your needs, and using the correct type of kratom for the mental or physical solution you are seeking, are all vital.

When it comes to educating you about detoxification, I will talk about how natural detoxification is the best. Alongside that, I will tell you how you can accelerate natural detoxification (which takes several weeks) by using high-quality detox pills.

If you’re facing a dramatically unfair drug test at short notice, then high-quality fake urine, or a detox drink, can stop you from losing your job, or potentially your freedom, when you have done nothing wrong other than to not fit into the societal bracket and the control mechanism that the authorities use to stop us being free and doing what we want within sensible parameters using our own judgement and humanity.

So there you go, that’s why this website exists, and I hope you’ll see some of the passion I have for the topics of kratom, detoxification, and freedom, in this about us page.