Best Detox Drinks For Weed & How To Use Them

I want to talk to you today about the best detox drinks for weed. I’m going to tell you of the need to know, and there’s a warning about weed detox drinks for you as well.

But basically guys, we’re going to cover how detox drinks compare to detox pills and fake urine to pass a drug test, as well as explaining how a detox drink actually works.

I’m also going to talk to you from my personal experiences of using them for live drug tests, and testing them at home, to give you comprehensive instructions on how to use them though successfully.

And I’ll finish with detailed reviews of the top three best detox drinks for weed, and other drug metabolites, so you can make a better buying decision.

How A Detox Drink Really Works

Let’s start by explaining how a detox drink actually works in the body. There’s a real misconception with a lot of people, and some get caught out with this.

A detox drink does not properly detox your body. It’s not a permanent detoxification product.

All the detox drink does is temporarily mask the toxins in your body to give you a few hours within which you can submit a clean sample.

This is how a detox drink works in the body:

  1. The first thing a detox drink does is use the volume of liquid it contains, usually 32 fluid ounces, to fill your bladder rapidly, making you urinate out old urine that contains toxins. You will then fill your bladder with fresh liquid which doesn’t have toxins in it, but only for a short time.
  • A good quality detox drink lengthens the time that your bladder is empty because it contains natural ingredients which help your liver and kidneys to process waste more quickly. On top of that, it will also contain diuretics which allow you to urinate more quickly as well. The net result of this is that more toxins are pushed out more quickly, so you’ll have more time toxin free because fresh toxins will have to arrive in your kidneys and be passed through.
  • The clever bit is that the best detox drinks also contain a good balance of things found in urine, waste products, minerals, things which are pushed through as waste if there is excess in the body. Creating is always found there, along with a few other key minerals. It floods your body with these things so that some are passed through as waste, appearing in your urine and keeping not only the balance natural, but the color as well.

So as you can see, a detox drink is actually quite complex. But there is one thing I want to point out you that is very important.

There’s no such thing as a specific detox drink for weed. Now you know how a detox drink works, it should be clear that it will work for any toxins in your body.

So when people are looking for the best detox drinks for weed, they are just looking the highest quality detox drinks. The warning is the same with detox pills. If something claims to work specifically for cannabis metabolites, then it’s a marketing trick and not reality, because you simply cannot target a certain type of drug metabolites over another.

Detox Drinks Vs Detox Pills

A lot of people get confused between detox drinks and detox pills. As you now know, a detox drink is a temporary masking agent and the effects wear off after a few hours when toxins start appearing in your urine again after processing through the kidneys.

Detox pills are a permanent solution though. They aren’t magic pills. You have to use them alongside a natural detox, and they accelerate the pace at which toxins leave the body.

So, one is a temporary masking, the other is a permanent solution. But it could take a week, sometimes longer, for heavy weed smoker to get permanently clean using the combo of a natural detox and detox pills.

So these are the pros and cons of detox drinks Vs detox pills:

  • A detox drink is a temporary solution that only lasts a few hours
  • Detox drinks are easy to use and take effect in one hour
  • Detox drinks are cheaper to buy the full course of detox pills
  • Detox drinks can be used at short notice

Detox Drinks Vs Synthetic Urine

There’s no confusion between detox drinks and synthetic urine though. They are totally different ways of achieving the same end result: a negative drug test.

Synthetic urine, if it’s complex enough, can pass any level of drug test. As long as it’s submitted within the correct temperature range, it’s an excellent way of passing a drug test.

On the downside, fake urine has to be smuggled in. This isn’t a problem if it’s an unsupervised drug test, which most are.

In terms of the pros and cons of detox drinks Vs synthetic urine:

  • Detox drinks don’t need to be smuggled in
  • You don’t have to worry about getting the temperature right with a detox drink
  • Detox drinks have a higher rate of failure than top quality synthetic urine

Should You Buy Detox Drinks At Walmart And Other Big Stores?

A warning from me is not to make the detox drinks Walmart mistake. I’m actually not just talking about buying detox drinks at Walmart, I’m talking about any big store, or general online marketplaces like Amazon and eBay.

Quality is low, prices are high, and often there are fakes and out of date products for sale available as well.

All of the brands you can buy in the big stores like Walmart are pretty awful. Qcarbo, Stinger Detox, they sell loads, and you’ll see lots of online reviews about them, but they really aren’t that good at working. I know that from my own home drug test experiments.

The exception to that is Mega clean, which is available at Walmart. But I’ll talk about that a bit more, and with an important caveat to buying Mega clean, when I do three reviews of the best detox drinks for weed at the end.

Home Remedy Detox Drinks: Do They Work?

Some people think the best detox drinks for weed could just be simple home remedy detox drinks.

A home remedy is an everyday product that could have the characteristics to flush out drug toxins so you can pass a drug test.

Five minutes online will reveal plenty of candidates. Various types of tea like Palo Azul, baking soda and water, cranberry juice, white wine vinegar, the list just goes on, and on.

The one thing all of these have in common is they don’t work. Not one of them.

Even if they have something in them that helps to flush out more toxins, or help you to urinate more frequently, any element of what’s needed, they still have one vital thing missing.

None of them can keep the balance of your urine right. Every single one of them will make it appear unnatural, diluted, and mostly a strange color as well. You cannot cut corners and costs when it comes to buying and using detox drinks.

How To Use Detox Drinks For Drug Test Success

The instructions for using a detox drink successfully are pretty straightforward. So I’ll talk you through how I’ve used them:

  1. Drink the contents of the drink over about 15 minutes at a steady pace. Some detox drinks ask you to drink additional water over second 15 minutes.
  • During that time, and for an hour afterwards, urinate as frequently as possible. You’ll need to urinate at least three times really.
  • You should then have urine that is naturally balanced and free of toxins up to 5 hours (the heavier the amount of toxins in your body the shorter the time you’ll have) once you’ve completed that 90 minute process.

So as you can see, it’s really simple to use a detox drink. That’s not the whole story though. These are additional top tips from me based on my experiences:

1. Always make sure you do a natural detox for at least 24 hours before the day of your test. 48 hours is preferable, and even longer than that is ideal. That allows your body to push out more toxins before the day of your test without replacing them, and means there will be less moving into your bladder, thus giving you a longer time clean.

2. If you can do even a 24-hour detox and accelerate that with the course of detox pills you’ll have longer clean. Toxin Rid are ideal and you can buy very short course lengths which will push out up to 50% more toxins.

3. Always buy a few home drug test kits at the same time. That way you will know if you are clean before you leave to submit your sample. If you’re not, you can use a second bottle of detox drink, or resort to synthetic urine.

Top Three Best Detox Drinks For Weed

I hope this quick guide to the best detox drinks for weed and any other drug metabolites has been helpful.

There’s really not a lot to using detox drinks other than these crucial summary points:

  • Always use a high-quality detox drink
  • Make sure you detox for as long as possible before the day of your test
  • Do a home drug test before you leave to submit your sample

So let’s now take a look at the three best detox drinks for weed. For me, these are in order of potency and power.

I’ve tested all of these using home drug test kits and the process described on the bottles. Each of them kept me clean as daily weed smoker for at least three hours (I tested after three hours).

1. Ultra Eliminex

For me, Ultra Eliminex is the most potent detox drink you can buy. With a herbal blend that I haven’t seen any other product, with the ingredients all being linked strongly to the processes I’ve talked about for detoxification and replacing of nutrients, it’s a strong contender for anyone’s money.

It’s not cheap though, Ultra Eliminex costs $80. The most expensive detox drink, but you’re paying for the quality.

You don’t need additional water to use it, just drink it and urinate frequently. With a home drug test kit and a 24-hour detox, as a daily weed smoker I managed to stay clean when I tested it. It’s really potent, and should be your number one consideration.

2. Rescue Cleanse

Second on my list of the best detox drinks has to be Rescue Cleanse from Clear Choice. These are the same people who make Sub Solution, the brand of fake urine I’d recommend you buy if you decide to use that instead.

Rescue Cleanse is slightly cheaper at around $55 from the Clear Choice webstore. Again, it has a strong proprietary blend and ingredients from my research are linked strongly to the processes I’ve talked about in this guide.

Rescue Cleanse doesn’t require any additional water, so it’s just a case of drink and urinate, and when I use a home drug test kit it was another one that kept me clean for at least three hours.

3. Mega Clean

Third on my list is Mega Clean. There is a caveat to this detox drink though: it’s the best of the worst on its own.

Mega Clean is available in Walmart, and on its own its slightly better than Qcarbo, but not as potent as the first two detox drinks I’ve reviewed, both of which 100% answer the question around do detox drinks work with “yes”.

However, if you buy Mega Clean from Test Clear, you will get six powerful Toxin Rid pills bundled in completely free. This allows you to do a potent 24-hour detox that will push out far more toxins you can naturally (although Mega Clean are recommend a 48 hour detox, so the first 24 hours would be without pills). This leaves a far less toxins for your detox drink to deal with on the day of your test.

Mega Clean instructions do involve you drinking additional water, which is a sure sign the detox drink that using water to try and make up for less potency. You refill the bottle after drinking it, and you drink that as well.

So Mega Clean isn’t as potent as Rescue Cleanse or Ultra Eliminex. It costs around $60 with the Toxin Rid pills.

If you’ve got the money, go for Ultra Eliminex, otherwise with the pre-rid pills, there’s not much to choose between Rescue Cleanse and Mega Clean.

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