Kratom Capsules Review: My Top 3 Recommended Vendors

If you’re looking to buy kratom capsules online, then it’s absolutely imperative that you buy on the basis of an accurate kratom capsules review.

Kratom capsules are convenient. They open up the benefits of kratom to literally anyone, whereas for a lot of people lose kratom powder closes down those benefits, because of its difficulty to consume.

So I’m going to talk to you in detail about everything you need to know around using kratom capsules. I’ll compare them to using loose powder, explore if you can make them for yourself to save money, and what sort of kratom dosage you should be using.

I’ll also give you three brief kratom capsules reviews, of the three best kratom vendors that I’ve come across online. I’ll explain how I’ve come to the conclusions about them, the kratom I’ve used from them, and the signs you need to watch out for to spot the best places to buy kratom for yourself.

Why Use Kratom Capsules And Not Powder

 So look, the first thing I want to mention about kratom capsules is that they are more expensive than loose powder, considerably more expensive.

Which means that using them is going to cost you more money. The best kratom capsules, containing 100% pure kratom, are a significant outlay when compared to the same 100% pure powder. So why would you ever want to use capsules? Well, let’s look at the key reasons:

  1. They are very discreet to use. If you are dosing kratom for pain through the day, just a couple of capsules (around a gram usually) at a time, then you’re not going to be throwing loose powder down your throat or creating a kratom tea in the middle of your office. Why go through that risk when you can just pop a couple of capsules in your mouth and people will think you’re just taking headache pills?
  2. You know exactly what dose you are getting with kratom capsules. A lot of people ask exactly what the kratom capsules dosage the first time they use them should be. Well, it’s exactly the same as with loose kratom. So say you’re going to experiment with three grams, then that’s usually six 500 mg capsules (very occasionally a seller will have 750 mg capsules, or even more rarely 1 g capsules). No need to weigh anything, no need to deal with loose powder, you just count six pills.
  3. Kratom capsules don’t spoil as quickly as loose kratom. Once you undo the foil seal on loose kratom, even if it’s airtight, it will have a limited life. If kratom capsules are stored in a cool dark place, inside their own airtight container, then they can last a lot longer than powder.

Kratom capsules vs powder

How To Make Your Own Kratom Capsules

 But before I move on to talk about the things you need to consider when buying kratom capsules online, I want to talk to you about making your own capsules.

A lot of people when they see the price of kratom capsules think that it must be pretty easy to just put them in medicine capsules yourself. And up to a point, you’re right. To put some kratom in a capsule is easy.

But think about the fact that an average kratom dose you take through a day could be 6-8 grams. That’s 12-16 capsules. Let me tell you, making 16 kratom capsules on your own is going to take you a good couple of hours.

You’ll need a special little machine that pushes the two halves of the capsule together after you fill them up precisely. You’ll need a little microscale to make sure that what you’re putting in is an exact measurement. And you have to source everything to do it.

It’s laborious, I tried it. I did 10 capsules in an hour. That’s pretty good, but do you really have 2-3 hours a week to make kratom capsules, just to save yourself a few bucks?

how to make kratom capsules

Kratom Capsules Dosage First Time Use

So what should your kratom capsules dosage first time actually be?

Unfortunately, there is no easy answer to what any person kratom dosage should be. Kratom is a spectrum substance, meaning that the effects change with the amount taken. On top of that, they are different in each person, and each batch of kratom can be different in terms of its alkaloid profile.

All we can do here is point you to basic brackets you can work between to see what sort of level of kratom dosage you are in:

  • Low dose: 1-3 grams
  • Moderate dose: 4-6 grams
  • High dose: 7-10 grams
  • Overwhelming does: 11+ grams

Now, those doses are only ballpark figures. Somebody could take 3 g and feel nothing, where somebody else could take the exact same 3 g and feel significant effects. For me, it usually kicks in around 4-5 g.

I specifically take White Borneo for energy and mood lifts, and sometimes I also take Green Malay when I need to calm down a bit while I get those benefits. But the dosage range will be the same for any type of kratom you buy.

When it comes to dosing kratom capsules, most kratom capsules are 500 mg, so two capsules are equal to a single gram. That actually gives you very close control, because you can dose yourself 2.5 grams, or 6.5 grams, whatever you need, really easily. In terms of kratom capsules dosage for the first time, and ongoing, they are better for having close control over your experience and exploration.

How To Buy Kratom Capsules Online

The best kratom capsules are surprisingly difficult to get hold of. But is not really about the capsules, it’s about the kratom within them.

Only a few places really sell genuine kratom, 100% pure kratom that is lab tested and guaranteed. So if you’re looking to buy kratom capsules online, there are fewer places than you think to get hold of pure kratom strains.

For me, my journey was quite long, and it took me about a year to really work out how to spot trusted kratom vendors. It wasn’t just about reading kratom capsule reviews, it was about having a mental checklist about what the kratom should be like, and what the kratom seller should be like:

  • Loose kratom should be earthy and rich
  • Guaranteed same kratom loose and in capsules
  • Kratom must hit full spectrum effects at around 4-5 grams dose
  • Kratom must be independently lab tested and those reports published
  • The kratom capsule seller should have a 100% moneyback guarantee
  • The kratom should be sourced direct and that supply chain consistent
  • Kratom vendor website and social media needs to demonstrate passion and expertise
  • Independent kratom capsules review articles and comments should be genuine

Now that all sounds pretty obvious stuff, but you would be amazed how few kratom suppliers tick every box on that checklist.

Kratom capsules review

Where To Buy The Best Kratom Capsules Online

So now we’ve talked about why you should use kratom capsules, and how to spot the best kratom capsules out there, I’m going to tell you where I buy my kratom capsules from.

Each of these kratom vendors ticks every box on my checklist. On top of that, they have unlimited kratom capsules reviews online that are obviously genuine, and from real kratom users.

Each of these is someone I have bought from regularly, and I’ve learned to spot good kratom, and to understand the experiences it should give when it’s 100% pure, and how bad it can be when it’s not.

  1. TheEvregreentree

If you’re looking for the best place to buy kratom capsules online, then these are probably the number one recommended kratom vendor that anyone could give you.

In some ways, they probably haven’t got the best kratom. My second recommendation Coastline Kratom definitely have the purest, richest, directly imported kratom in the USA.  But TheEvergreentree is a close second.

But in terms of buying kratom capsules specifically, they offer the widest choice of capsules of any vendor in the USA. There are 27 different types of kratom in capsule form. As an initial test, I bought loose powder and capsules of the same type, it was Green Vein Borneo. Both produced exactly the same smooth green kratom effects when I took 5 grams.

They also offer a variety capsule pack so if you’re wondering about using kratom capsules the first time, then this is a brilliant way to start. You get to choose a sample pack of white, red, green kratom, choosing any strain you want. You’ll get 15% off individual sale price for doing it.

  1. Coastline Kratom

Coastline Kratom is the first place I ever bought kratom from. I actually bought kratom capsules from them, because I really was concerned about kratom capsules dosage first time being easier than using loose powder.

The kratom is guaranteed pure, and I’m telling you the experience is wonderful. I often use white kratom, usually Borneo or Maeng Da if I really need to hit, because it really helps with my motivation and focus.

You’ll get a moneyback guarantee, free shipping, and these guys are 100% the most professional kratom retailer you will ever find. So why are they only second in my top three?

Well, because they sell the best kratom you will ever find in powder form. But they don’t sell that many types in capsule form, and it’s difficult to find the capsules on their website.

Let me help you through it. When you go to any kratom product page on the Coastline Kratom website, you’ll see a drop-down to select the amount you want. If they sell capsules of that type of kratom, you’ll be out to select between different capsule values and loose powder. But they don’t sell capsules for every type of kratom.

My recommendation if you’re looking to start with kratom would be to buy Coastline Kratom Green Malay capsules. Green Malay is a beautifully balanced type of kratom that will give you energy and enthusiasm like a white kratom, and some calmness and pain relief, making it a good all-rounder. A high doses it can bring a beautifully rich euphoria. If you’d like a pure white kratom in capsule form, they also do Bali in capsules.

It’s expensive though, with 100 capsules, 50 g of kratom, costing you almost double what you would pay for the loose powder. But if you’re looking for the ultimate in convenience, and you want to be able to dose exactly, and when you want, then I’d say just go for it. You won’t be disappointed.

  1. Tropic Health Club

Now you probably have never heard of these guys even if you have been reading about the best place to buy kratom online for a while. So adding a genuine kratom capsules review for Tropic Health Club will also helpfully let people know that they are genuine, and they do exist.

They don’t sell many types of kratom, in fact just two right now. And what they sell is generic green or red kratom capsules. That doesn’t sound too impressive, but let me explain. Rather than having to choose from loads of different strains of kratom, you just choose green or red.

Red kratom is calming, soothing, and higher doses will give you a rich opiate-like high. You’ll get pain relief, you’ll feel fantastic, and it’s great for calming anxiety.

Green kratom is generally in the middle between red and white. You’ll get some calming and pain relief, but you also get a significant cognitive and physical energy boost.

I’ve tested the red kratom capsules from these guys. They are really rich and rewarding, and definitely pure red kratom. Just six of them, 3 g of kratom in total, was enough for me to feel significantly calm, have no pain in my back at all, and my mood was absolutely wonderful.

So even though they only offer two sorts of kratom capsules for sale, they’ve made my list of the top three best places to buy kratom capsules online because of the fact that you get the double convenience of capsules, and only having to choose between red or green, depending on the benefits you want to experience.