Best Kratom Strains For Pain And Anxiety [What Worked For Me]

Finding the best kratom for anxiety that works for you can be an amazing way to lift your quality of life. It’s the same with discovering which kratom is best for pain for you as well, whether it’s physical pain or the emotional and physical pain of withdrawal symptoms.

In this quick guide, I’m going to talk about the best kratom for pain and anxiety relief, because it can be absolutely liberating to discover how good at dealing with the symptoms kratom is, with minimal side effects.

I’m going to break this guide down into several sections to avoid confusion. I’m going to specifically talk about using kratom for physical pain, and the sort of dosage and strains you should be using. I’ll then also talk about using kratom for anxiety and depression because although they are related they do require a different approach if you are going to try to deal with them by using kratom.

On top of all that, I’ll talk about dosage, side effects, and warnings, and I’ll tell you about the two best places I’ve found that sell 100% pure kratom that can really target and deal with pain and anxiety symptoms.

How Kratom Attacks Physical Pain Symptoms

Mitragynine and 7-hydroxymitragynine other two main alkaloids found kratom. These are the dominant chemicals that deliver physical and mental pain relief.

At lower doses, kratom is a stimulant, as the dose increases this stimulation get stronger, likened to a cocaine feeling. You’ll feel mentally and physically alert, lucid, energetic, full of buzz, but at the cost of focus.

At higher doses, the alkaloid profile changes and the predominant effects become increasing physical pain relief and sedative responses. You’ll feel calm, in a deeper kind of chilled way, you’ll feel really high and happy in a way that is similar to using opiates, and eventually, it will overwhelm you and you’ll just want to lay there.

But in terms of specific physical pain symptoms, it’s that mid-to-high dose that really works, when the alkaloid profile kicks in to deliver an intense physical calmness alongside physical pain relief.

It does this by interacting with the opioid receptors in our body. These deal with pain relief, which is why the direct stimulation of these receptors that morphine produces makes it one of the most potent pain relievers, even in this age of modern medicine. Because kratom has similar effects, it’s an incredibly strong natural pain reliever.

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Best Kratom Strains For Pain Management

So in terms of physical pain, which kratom is best for pain? That’s a tough question to answer, but as I just explained, because of the alkaloid profile, it’s predominantly red kratom which can deliver physical pain relief at moderate doses.

Even white kratom and green kratom can produce physical pain relief at higher doses, but you’ll have to get through a very large barrier of physical and mental stimulation which is not going to help you when you are in physical pain.

So you are looking at red kratom strains. For me, that would be pretty much any as long as they are pure, because they will all deliver a similar experience.

Favorites though are Red Bali and Red Borneo, both of which are available from Coastline Kratom.

I’ll also mention Red Maeng Da. This is not actually a strain of kratom, it’s a blend. The name just means it’s stronger than usual. So when it’s tested it’s found that the alkaloid profile is richer than normal, so it’s labeled up as “Maeng Da”.

But is great for physical pain relief. Also, because Maeng Da can be more energizing than the standard red kratom (sometimes because it is even blended with a strong white kratom as well), it can keep you more physically active and mentally vigilant as well, making it better for during the day use than standard red kratom.

Although white kratom is suitable, green kratom can be good for pain relief. It’s slightly different alkaloid profile means it has some of the benefits of white kratom, and some of the benefits of red kratom.

You’ll get good pain relief, especially at higher doses, but you’ll still be very physically energized, and mentally sharp. Emotionally you’ll feel positive and upbeat. But you won’t get the significant pain relief that you will red kratom, but you will get some. That’s why a lot of people take good quality green kratom like Green Malay during the day because it’s good for dosing while you are working.

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Kratom Dosage For Physical Pain

 So let’s take a look at the sort of kratom dosage for pain you should be taking for the best effect.

The dosage of kratom you take for physical pain will depend on your circumstances, the level of your pain, and whether you need to function. If you’re going to work that day, then the dose can’t be that high, and that’s when you might also consider green kratom rather than red (or Red Maeng Da if you found it energizing).

For me, the sort of kratom dosage for pain range is as follows:

  • A low dose of kratom for pain of up to 3 g
  • Moderate dose up to 6 g
  • High dose up to 9 g
  • Very high dose above 9 g

If you can get your hands on 100% pure kratom, from somewhere like Coastline Kratom or Tropic Health Club, then you shouldn’t need a very high dose to start to feel the pain completely drift away.

Something in the region of 5 g should be enough to almost completely nullify the pain, but still allow you to function, in fact, you may feel physically and mentally invigorated, with a lot of positivity. A better version of yourself.

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Using Kratom For Anxiety & Depression

So the next step of this quick guide to the best kratom for pain and anxiety is to cover emotional pain, specifically anxiety and depression.

This is slightly different from dealing with physical pain, the type of kratom, and the dose sometimes has to be different from when you are dealing with physical pain symptoms.

Anyone who has suffered from anxiety will know that it’s made worse when you come down from alcohol, because as the alcohol leaves your body it makes you naturally anxious, which can be a disaster. It’s the same with caffeine, people with bad anxiety don’t tend to drink lots of caffeine because it can really set that anxiety off badly.

As I pointed out earlier, kratom is actually a relative of the coffee plant and does contain stimulant alkaloids that are predominant at low doses. So taking a low dose of white kratom will be a disaster for somebody with anxiety, even a high dose until it becomes overwhelming. Some green kratom can also be overstimulating for people who need to chill out.

So in terms of finding the best kratom for anxiety, we are talking about red kratom strains. We might not even be talking about red Maeng Da if you find it too energizing, we are talking about classic red strains, things like Bali and Borneo.

But when it comes to depression, we are flipping to the other side of the coin. With depression you can barely function emotionally, you can’t lift yourself physically, you don’t want to do anything, everything seems hopeless, and it feels like you are in a bad dream world.

Which means you need a lift, not to be sedated and calmed down. That’s why green kratom is brilliant for helping people to function with depression. A good dose of Green Malay or Green Borneo, or even the green blend from Tropic Health Club, can really lift you up, even if the dose is not that high.

White kratom can also be very good. White Borneo at a moderate dose is very energizing and focusing, and will give you an incredible emotional lift. Any white kratom will do though, as long as it’s pure, but don’t take the dose too high otherwise you will be feeling jittery and uncontrollable, and it may then tip over into sedation.

Kratom Dosage For Anxiety & Depression

Let’s talk about kratom dosage for anxiety first. We are talking about green kratom or red kratom. So there are different types of kratom and different types of scenarios in play here.

If you are using green kratom, something like Borneo or Malay, and you want to function, then you are taking a dose of around 4-5 g early in the day to get you through the best part of the day. You can then top up the early afternoon with another couple of grams.

If you are using red kratom, the care with the dose early in the morning, because it isn’t quite as energizing as green kratom, especially as the dose gets higher. Although at a low dose of up to 4 g you won’t really notice much difference. If you take more, say 6 g, you could find yourself struggling to function after a couple of hours.

It might even be better, especially with potent kratom, to dose just a couple of grams in the morning, a couple of grams in the afternoon, and a couple of grams in the evening to keep anxiety at bay.

With depression, again it will depend on the situation. Green kratom will be as energizing as white, it will depend on your specific circumstances.

If you have to work, then just 3-4 grams of white or green kratom could be enough to take the edge off your depression and allow you to function for a few hours, feeling even more positive and energized than you do usually.

As I have already pointed out dosage can be incredibly individual, and on 5 g of red, green, white kratom one person can feel absolutely nothing, while somebody else could be laying on the floor, or running around in an energized state.

It’s always best to experiment with kratom, whether you are trying to buy the best kratom for pain and anxiety that is physical pain, or emotional anxiety and depression, don’t go off to work having taken 5 g of kratom for the first time.

But for me, in terms of finding the sort of kratom dosage for any sort of pain or anxiety is to start low. Go with a couple of grams if you are a beginner just to see how things go. Kratom capsules are great for this, and also great for dosing through the day, far better than powder because they are discreet.

In my experience dealing with depression, I found that around 4 g of white kratom in the morning really helped to lift me through the major part of the day. If I was starting to feel down the afternoon, just a couple of grams to get me through until I went home. Then I could just chill out in the evening. If I was feeling out of control, in the evening just a handful of grams of red kratom would really chill me out and send me to sleep.

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Watch Out For Dependency & Side Effects

It’s important to note here that if you are using kratom for any sort of physical or mental ailment that it is possible to get dependent on it.

If you are on opiate medication or using something else to cope with any of the problems I’ve outlined in this guide, then you have to watch out for the problem of replacing one dependency with another.

Always have a goal in mind. Once you understand how kratom is working for you, with an initial testing period of a couple of weeks where you try different doses to see what works for you for your circumstances, you should always have an exit strategy.

With physical pain, this may not be completely possible, especially if it’s chronic. But you should be working to taper down to the minimum level needed for it to deal with the problem on its own, or in conjunction with a minimum amount of other medication.

For emotional pain, especially depression, you should never take kratom if you are already on existing anti-anxiety or antidepressant medication, as this can be a disaster.

If you are not on any medication, then a few grams of kratom when you feel really low, already anxious certainly won’t hurt, as long as you are very aware of how much is taking, taking the minimum at a time is necessary, and try and taper off.

Alongside kratom to deal with pain, anxiety, or depression, you should always be looking at the underlying reasons why you are suffering from anxiety and depression, and try and deal with those. Kratom can give you some respite and a different outlook because it can make you feel so positive and upbeat, which can give you the opportunity to spot the problems, confront them, and start to reconcile.

In terms of side-effects kratom can deliver, the common ones are:

  • Irritability
  • Difficulty sleeping
  • Nausea
  • Muscle spasms
  • Dependency
  • Tolerance

Although these can be common, as long as you manage your dose then they aren’t actually is frequent as is sometimes made out in guides online.

The one I really want to mention here is tolerance. If you dose too high with kratom consistently over a long period of time it can lead to tolerance, which is where you need a higher dose to get the same effects. Avoid this by having breaks between taking kratom as often as possible, by keeping the dose to a minimum each time.

Best Kratom Vendors For Buying Pure Kratom

 So in conclusion, the best kratom for pain and anxiety will vary:

  • For physical pain, you are talking red kratom, or in some circumstances green kratom
  • For anxiety, you want to be calm so predominantly red kratom, or possibly green kratom
  • For depression, red kratom is best, and sometimes green kratom if it’s not making you anxious

The absolute key to buying the best kratom to deal with any sort of pain or emotional problem is to make sure it’s 100% pure so that you can dose the absolute minimum necessary to experiment properly every time. If you don’t get 100% pure kratom then you could find that you are dosing too high, and then you if you do get pure kratom you then dose too high which can lead to problems.

I’ve only ever found a couple of kratom vendors that really deliver. This means that they have moneyback guarantees, they test each batch of kratom to make sure that it’s pure, and they are reliable.

The first one is Coastline Kratom. The kratom strains I’ve mentioned in this guide to using kratom for pain and anxiety are all available from there. White Borneo, Red Bali, Green Malay, all of it is available from Coastline Kratom in pure powder form, and also in capsule form.

Capsules are brilliant for dosing during the day, especially if you’re working because they are discreet. You also get a precise dosage time that having to measure out the dose on the scale, and you don’t have to deal with the taste of kratom which can be very unpalatable. But they are more expensive, and you can expect to pay twice as much the convenience of capsules.

If you do want really high-quality capsules and don’t want to have to deal with different strains of kratom, then Tropic Health Club will be your best starting point. They sell a generic red kratom which is actually a strong blended Red Maeng Da in capsule form, and they also sell a blended green kratom which from my experimenting is almost identical to Green Malay.

Either of these places will deliver the best kratom for pain and anxiety, and a moderate dose will help to deal with physical pain, anxiety, and depression symptoms.