Best Kratom For Sleep & Using Kratom For Insomnia

Sleep problems, sleep deprivation, they build up over time and often become a serious insomnia problem. If you can experiment with the best kratom for sleep though, and find a solution then it can alleviate the problem significantly.

In this guide, you’re going to learn about using kratom for sleep deprivation, dosage guidelines, suggested vein colors, strains, and when to take kratom to help you sleep.

This guide isn’t going to advocate you taking kratom every night though. Experimenting is fine, and one great night’s sleep can really help you overcome a ton of problems. But if you are having to take kratom, or any other pill or substance every night just to get to sleep, then there is an underlying problem that you will need to become aware of and sort out.

So let’s get you started with a five-minute walkthrough of how to use kratom for sleep problems so that you can just maybe get a great night’s rest and wake up the next morning feeling like someone has taken those heavy weights off you during the night.

How Kratom Can Help With Sleep

There are several reasons why people have sleep problems, from anxiety that keeps you awake and restless, through physical pain symptoms, emotional upset, and some diagnosed disorders.

Traditional remedies like sleeping pills can leave you feeling groggy and disorientated in the morning and can have a negative effect on your ability to sleep naturally. So kratom can be beneficial for several key reasons when it comes to helping with sleep:

  • Kratom can help regulate physical pain
  • It’s can us feel calmer
  • Red kratom is sedative at higher doses
  • It can make you feel more positive

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Using Kratom For Insomnia & Other Sleep Disorders

So there is some evidence that using kratom for sleep deprivation issues can help, as long as it doesn’t become the only way you can sleep at all.

I’ll talk about the exact types of kratom dosage in a moment, but generally, kratom can be beneficial because of the way it chills us out, calms down anxiety, alleviates physical pain almost totally, and allows us to feel more positive and restful.

But you must use kratom alongside other therapies. This means winding down properly in the evening.

Step away from your tablet and phone early, go for a walk, then get your mind and body into a sleep preparation routine, getting changed for bed, doing things at certain times, preparing your mind with messages that it’s time to sleep. Then a moderate dose of kratom can really help calm your mind and remove physical discomfort.

Best Kratom Vein Color For Sleep

Kratom comes in three vein colors, so when it comes to determining the best kratom for sleep for you, it’s a decision on which vein color which is the starting point, followed by the strain, followed by the dosage.

White kratom is very energizing from low doses through to high. It can make people feel anxious and jittery, and full of mental and physical energy. For these reasons, it’s not as ideal as something to use for insomnia.

Green kratom can also be quite energizing unless you take a higher dose. However, some strains of green kratom can be less energizing and more calming.

So we’re predominantly talking about red kratom. Small to medium doses of any red kratom will really help, but you will have to experiment to find which red kratom strain is the best is best to help you to sleep because in small doses it can be quite energizing.

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Kratom Dosage For Sleep Benefits

The correct kratom dosage for sleep is vital. It’s more important than the strain of red kratom that you choose. At low doses, all kratom is a stimulant. So below 4-5 g, you could find you are too stimulated to sleep. But it also depends when you take the kratom. Although the first hour or two is quite stimulating, you will start to then feel calmer and rested.

So if you were beginning to experiment with kratom for sleep deprivation for the first time, I’d recommend just a couple of grams of red kratom two hours before bed, see how you feel and then move on from that starting point.

Higher doses of red kratom can help because you will feel very sedated, but we are talking about doses above 5 g, more in the 7-10 gram range, which isn’t advised because kratom at high doses can make breathing more shallow.

So the sweet spot for kratom dosage for sleep benefits is usually 5 g or less, working up to that a gram at a time, and experimenting with how long you take it before you go to bed to see which combination works best for you.

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Recommended Kratom Strains For Sleep Deprivation

So let’s finish this quick guide to the best kratom for sleep by talking about recommended strains that can help you. For green kratom, Green Malay is very rich and slightly more like a red than white. Keep the dose under control, and see how you feel.

Red kratom is the best kratom for insomnia though, and pretty much any type will do. Red Bali, Red Malay, Red Borneo, it doesn’t really matter.

However, Red Maeng Da is often touted as the strongest red kratom. But it’s not a strain, it’s a blend of kratom or a specific type that stronger than usual, that’s then just labeled up as that.

So be careful experimenting with Red Maeng Da for sleep disorders because it can be blended red, green, and even white kratom, so it can be far too strong and physically energizing to help you with sleep disorders.

So the conclusion here is that the best kratom for sleep is a moderate dose of red kratom, taken up to 2 hours before you sleep, but often closer, and then followed by a calming down routine which helps to prepare your mind to switch off and rest.