Best Kratom Vendors: Top 4 Pure Kratom Retailers

If you’re looking to experiment with kratom, you would think that the biggest problem would be dosing it and getting used to the effects. But it’s actually finding the best kratom vendors who can supply pure kratom in the first place.

When I started out with kratom it took me ages to find reputable vendors who could sell pure kratom to me. So I want to help people out here by telling you about how I learned to spot a good quality kratom vendor, how to spot good quality kratom, and where I learned to never buy kratom from.

That’s a lot to talk about, but I also want to tell you about my top four best kratom vendor reviews. These are people I’ve ordered from regularly, and who I know, by comparing it to poor quality kratom that I’ve used, only sell 100% pure kratom.

So it’s a lot talk about, and if you want to know where to buy kratom online that gives you a great experience, then everything you need to know to achieve that is going to be revealed in the next five minutes.

My Experiences With Kratom

So how do I know too much about kratom? What makes me such an expert? Well, I’ve taken kratom for three years because of acute depression.

I used SSRI’s for a few years, but I found that they turned me into a shell, a zombie. I felt detached, emotionally cold, and I’ll be honest it broke a relationship. That made me decide I had to find another way out of the mess I was in.

I read online that kratom can really help. It activates the opioid receptors in the body because the alkaloids within kratom are partial agonists of these receptors.

The opioid receptors deal with a lot of things in the body, but crucially they can help to lift your physical and emotional energy, your positivity, and they deal with pain management in the body as well. When you down with depression, and you don’t want to even get out of bed in the morning, a powder that can bring you to life is something you have to consider.

So being dumb I just went out and bought some kratom. I can’t even remember where I got it from, some local place that I remembered I’d seen selling it. I basically felt nothing. I took a large dose, I think about 10 g over a day, and almost literally felt nothing. A bit warm, slightly more chilled out, but for the nearly $40 I paid, I was hugely underwhelmed.

That was until a friend gave me some kratom he had bought online about six months later. I really can’t remember the vendor, but I know that a few grams of White Bali blew my head off. Energy, happiness, a sense of bliss, and my depression and backache from being hunched over for so long all washed away in the tide.

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How To Tell Good Quality Kratom

So that was the start of my kratom journey, and it was a real eye-opener for me. I then had to do some research to find the best kratom vendors my own needs, because it became obvious to me on that one experience that kratom was something I could potentially use, sensibly, to deal with my depression. But I knew that what my friend had given me was not the best value out there.

But finding where to buy kratom online is very tough. There are literally dozens of sellers out there. Let me tell you, only about 10% of them sell pure kratom.

Even if it is pure kratom, it can be poorly imported, poorly stored, which lowers its effectiveness. For example, the kratom is stored in poor conditions it can lose 50% of its alkaloid power in just a few weeks. So you need to buy it from experts, you have to find kratom for sale that is not only pure but stored with care and pride.

What I’ve learned about spotting good quality kratom can be summed up in the following checklist for you to follow:

  • Kratom should look and smell earthy and rich, not like dust
  • It should be packaged in airtight containers, preferably foil
  • The company should show pride and expertise in how it stores the kratom
  • Just a couple of grams of pure kratom will hit the spot
  • Good quality kratom is not cheap

How To Spot The Best Kratom Vendors

Learning to spot the best kratom vendors is down to more than looking at positive kratom vendor reviews.

The reason for that is a lot of kratom vendor reviews are fakes. People pay to put those reviews on websites, and social media places like YouTube and Reddit.

On top of that, the company itself can put fake reviews online. You can usually spot them, they are overwhelmingly positive. It’s also why you will only ever see positive reviews on a lot of kratom seller’s websites. So you have to discount those reviews.

To find genuine kratom vendor reviews, you have to be able to spot them. They have to be on independent websites. You’re looking for someone who is obviously objective, who’s done lots of kratoms, who use multiple sellers, and whose posting history shows real experience.

Once you understand it, you can spot it a mile off. It took me a few months to work out, but it’s the same as with looking at fake review site reviews on any topic, it’s about looking for the signals and discounting the obvious fake. By doing that it was easier to come up with a short lift of the potential best kratom vendors to try.

On top of looking at kratom vendor reviews objectively, you also have to look at the kratom seller themselves, to make sure that they achieve the following benchmarks:

  1. The kratom has to be harvested and dried properly, transported and imported properly, packaged and stored properly. That’s the only way it can keep its freshness and strength.
  2. A good kratom vendor will guarantee the purity and quality of the imported kratom they have. They will do this through having a 100% moneyback guarantee, and also publishing independent third-party lab purity test reports on the website for the public to view.
  3. A good company will offer free shipping usually. That’s because they have such strong sales they can afford to entice you with that offer. But look out for it in combination with low prices, because that can be a red flag.
  4. So let’s talk about prices. Good quality pure kratom from a reputable best kratom vendor is going to set you back around $30-40 dollars for about 25 g, even more, ultra enhanced, extracts, or capsules.

That’s the sort of price you’ll be paying the highest purity and quality. But for good quality kratom, you still be looking at paying around $45-$60 for 100 grams (4 oz) of really good quality powder. Also bear in mind that the more you buy, the cheaper it gets, so it’s not a linear comparison.

But the point I’m making here is that you are not going to pick up 25 g of pure kratom for $20 or something. You need to look at it is an investment, and understand that if it’s pure, you won’t need that much of it.

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Where You Must Not Buy Kratom

Look, I don’t want to tell you where not to buy kratom in massive detail, but I don’t want you to make the same mistakes that I did. Finding kratom for sale locally is usually impossible. You’ll only get it from places like smoke shops, gas stations, and local independent stores.

The problem is they will buy as low as possible, to sell as high as possible. Most of the time they have no specialty in the subject of kratom, they don’t know good kratom for bad, and they tend to go for the generic brands out there which are poor quality in the first place.

Also, it will be stored on a shelf in a hot shop, maybe even in the sun, or in the cold, or just not very well at all.

So my advice, if you want to achieve the best results (and value) from using kratom, is to get high-quality kratom, which means finding the best kratom vendors you can online.

Kratom Vendor Reviews: Where To Buy Kratom Online

Hopefully, I’ve given you some idea of how to find kratom for sale that is pure, reasonably priced, and allow you to spot the traits you need to guarantee that.

So I want to finish with four brief kratom vendor reviews. These are the places I’ve found an answer to the conundrum around where to buy kratom online that is pure.

I’ve used all four of these kratom vendors myself over the past 18 months. I’ll explain to you exactly why I chose to buy from them, and what my experience with the kratom and the overall experience was.

Even if you want to tread your own path, it will at least give you a good starting point for finding good quality kratom you can benchmark against the people you choose to buy it from.

  1. Coastline Kratom

If you’re looking for a large range of 100% pure kratom powder then Coastline Kratom is definitely one of the most high-quality best places to buy kratom online you will ever find.

Let me warn you that they aren’t cheap. But you are paying for quality and passion. The kratom they buy is directly imported into the USA. There are no middlemen, they know the supply chain, and they know exactly what the kratom is that they are packaging.

On top of that, it’s independently lab tested by batch, and you can see those independent lab test reports. So you know that the quality is perfect.

Coastline Kratom mostly sells pure powder. Their Green Malay is without rival, I’ve never experienced anything like it. For a smooth balance between positivity and energy, and feeling chilled out and ready to take on the world, it’s wonderful.

But they do have limitations in what they offer. They don’t sell the widest range of kratom powder, I assume it’s because they only import powder that they can directly guarantee the quality of.

The other limitation is that they do sell kratom capsules, which are wonderfully convenient if slightly more expensive. However, Coastline Kratom doesn’t sell all of the kratoms they sell in capsule form. On top of that, the only way to find out if they sell in capsule form is to look in the drop-down quantity box to see if there is a selection for capsules as well as powder.

But when you look at the quality of the kratom and add to it the fact that you get free shipping in the USA, a full moneyback guarantee, and it’s independently lab tested, then they are a pretty much-unrivaled place to start your kratom journey with.

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  1. PurKratom

If you’re looking for kratom capsules that are pure, and well priced, then PurKratom is definitely a great place to find them.  Capsules are brilliant for beginners because you don’t have to deal with the taste and powder, or the measuring, of loose kratom.

On top of that, capsules are more convenient for regular dosing. If you are using kratom for pain for example, then you don’t want to be dosed up on 10 g of kratom to go to work. But taking one or 2 g every few hours (2-4 capsules) to take the edge off the pain, or lift your mood, is far easier through the day with capsules.

I’ve regularly used kratom capsules for that reason, and PurKratom has been where I got them from. Because I’m fighting depression using kratom, I focus on green and white. Green Thai in capsules, and also pretty much any white kratom that is not too powerful is good for me, Bali and Thai being the PurKratom capsules I use most regularly. If you want to dose through the day, or you’re a beginner, then kratom capsules are strongly recommended.

You also get free shipping and a moneyback guarantee, for fantastic peace of mind. PurKratom test every single batch of kratom for quality, and they publish the results on their website. On top of that, they guarantee that they only use one supplier who is based in the region that the kratom is grown and harvested from.

  1. Tropic Health Club

If you’re looking for simplicity, if the thought of looking at the different color strains confuses you, then just a choice between red or green kratom can be refreshing. That’s what this company sells. Just white kratom and red kratom.

Now that is very simplistic, but it does get around all of the concerns around the strains. What they sell is a blend of red or green kratom that has been carefully constructed to reflect the best traits of each type.

So the white kratom is uplifting, energizing, will lift your mood, and still take away a little pain. The red is richly relaxing and very good at getting rid of the pain.

To me, especially if you are a beginner, that takes away all the problems around which ones to try first. With these guys, just go for red, or white. They are in capsules, so you get the ultimate convenience, and you will get a moneyback guarantee.

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  1. BuyKratom

My last kratom vendor review is for is If you’re looking for the best place to buy kratom online, then they are definitely a consideration, especially because of the variety packs they sell.

Why I love the variety packs they sell is simply that they are really comprehensive and you get a great bundle of different ones to try. They have red, white, green, and even a kratom extract variety packs. So for around $50 you can try seven types of red kratom.

It’s the same with green, the same with white, and the same with powerful kratom extracts. So you can get a great idea of which kratom is right for you, and experience all the different types (over 20) for an outlay of less than $200.

You also get a moneyback guarantee from these guys, plus free shipping in the USA. On top of that, they are another reputable seller. They don’t publish third-party lab reports on their website, but they are available on request.