Detox Products

In this category we are going to discuss the detox products that can genuinely help you to get clean to pass a drug test. But there’s a lot of disinformation out there, and I’m really keen to use my experience to help you navigate your way through the rubbish.

The biggest problem you’ll have online around detox products to pass a drug test is people will try and sell you any old rubbish. Cheap fake urine that can be spotted easily by professional modern digital labs, horrible detox drinks which are little more than flavored water, and poor quality detoxification pills aren’t strong enough or designed to pass out drug toxins quickly.

On top of all that, you’ve got the nonsense that people talk about home remedies. Apart from one, called the Certo method which in itself is not complete solution, not one single home remedy works to pass a drug test. I’ve tested them all with home drug test kits, and they are all old wives tales.

So what you’re going to get here in this category as high-quality content which tells you exactly what you need to use to pass any type of drug test.

I’ll cover the best detox drinks you can buy. I only actually recommend three brands, because they are the ones that I’ve used to pass a live drug test myself, and tested at home using home drug test as well. I’ve also had independent verification on all three from friends who have used them as well. But I won’t just recommend them, I’ll explain exactly how to use them, and exactly why they work where other brands don’t.

We will also talk about synthetic urine in great detail. Again, I only recommend three or four brands, and really and honestly, just two main ones that genuinely work. Again, I will explain exactly why these brands of fake urine work, and how you can stop yourself getting instantly caught by picking some brands of fake urine which drug testing labs have learned to spot through their routine checks.

But more than that, we will also talk about detox pills. If you want to pass a drug test, they are the best way to get naturally clean. If you’re a chronic user or smoker this can take several weeks naturally. Using high-quality detox pills, you can actually slash the amount of time by about 50% or more. That means even a heavy user could be clean in as little as one week, and often 10 days as a maximum. That’s brilliant, because it gives you the confidence to go and submit your sample knowing that you will pass.

Put together, what you’re going to get here is high-quality knowledge, backed up by scientific data, and my own experiences and tests, to tell you which detox products work, which ones are questionable, and which one simply will never help you to pass a drug test.