How To Pass A Drug Test

I’m passionate about learning how to pass a drug test because I’ve lost the job because I failed one a few years back. As a responsible weed smoker who never turned up to work high, never drives high, anything like that, I found that disgusting and it started my journey towards learning how to avoid it happening again.

I find it insane that I’m living in a country that has mostly legalized cannabis, yet private employers, and even the federal government, can drug test you, say they found drug metabolites in your body which could be weeks old, and fire you on the spot. How can that be allowed to happen?

So, I decided to fight back by investigating always you can pass a drug test and avoid getting detected. The result is that the content in this category. Hopefully high-quality, hopefully detailed, and definitely covering all of my experiences and knowledge on everything you need to know to pass a test.

I’ll talk to you about urine sample testing, hair follicle drug tests, and oral drug testing. I’ll tell you how you can get clean naturally, and how long it takes. I’ll also tell you what products work to either mask the toxins so you can pass a drug test, or that speed up the elimination of toxins so that you can pass a drug test quicker.

We will talk about doing natural detoxification. That’s the best way to get clean to pass, but it’s also a real ball ache as it can take several weeks. Drug metabolites, especially cannabis, can hang around in the body for several weeks if you are a chronic smoker or user.

You can speed up natural detoxification by using high-quality detox pills. I’ll be honest, I’ve only ever found three types that have been specifically designed for the purpose of getting clean to pass drug test, and that a potent enough to do it. I’ll give you honest reviews of each one, and tell you about the pills that don’t work.

I’ll tell you how to use fake urine. I’ll tell you how to use it so that you don’t get found out. How to smuggle in, how to make sure it’s the right temperature, and which brands definitely work because of the complexity in the formulas.

I’ll also tell you which fake urine brands will definitely get you caught. Either because they don’t have the complexity formula, or those that contain substances which can be detected by drug test.

I’ll also talk to you about things like detox drinks, and detox pills that are designed only mask the toxins for a few hours so that you can pass a drug test. There’s a real misconception around these, with people getting caught out because they think they are permanent when they are actually only designed to make your urine appear natural for a few hours.

On top of all that, this category will give you high-quality content on every type of drug test process, how long drug toxins stay in the body, how quickly you can eliminate them, the old wives tales of things that don’t work to pass a drug test, all you need to know, right here, written in clear and easy to understand language, and backed up where practical by scientific data to prove something works, or that the method doesn’t.