In this category you will find everything you need to know about kratom. What it actually is, the different types, how to use it, the effects you’ll get from the different types of kratom, the right dosage to use, side effects to watch out for, and where to buy it.

I’ll explain in great detail where to buy kratom that is genuinely high-quality. If you don’t get good quality kratom that’s rich in the main alkaloids it gets its effects from, then you won’t have a good experience. You’ll have to take tons of horrible tasting powder, or lots of kratom capsules which can work out expensive.

So, you’ll get good quality advice on this category on where to buy a high-quality kratom at the best price in the USA today.

On top of that, I’m going to tell you in great detail about the different types of kratom, and how variable the effects are. You’ll read in some guide so kratom some incredible details on the nuances between red, white, green kratom, and all the strains like Borneo, Bali, whatever.

I’m telling you, quality matters most. After that it’s red, green, white that is the important decision. After that, it’s just trying the strains to see if you can discern any difference between them. There are of course differences, with clean whites, magnificent greens, and deeply calming reds of the different types having discernible differences. But they are often not as great as you will be led to believe by people online talking about kratom. They exaggerate the differences. It’s a bit like alcohol, people will go on about the tastes, but ultimately you still just get drunk with only minor differences in the experience.

So what you’re getting here is real world content on how to use kratom successfully. Red kratom is brilliant for pain relief, keeping you calm, and giving you the tools you need to get off damaging opiates if needed.

Green kratom is the middle ground. Often touted as mild, that’s not actually really true. Balanced is true, and that’s why people say it’s milder. What they mean is they don’t get the deepening effects of red, or the burst of energy followed by swimming calm of white in the same aggressive way at each end of the spectrum, they get a more nuanced effect that sits more in the middle, until you get to a high dose.

You see, dosage is also vital. Under 5 g, good quality kratom will give you a bit of a boost, and give you a bit of calmness. But it’s around 5 g you will really feel the full spectrum of effects of red, white, green kratom. I really want to pass on to you the best bit of advice I can in the guides are written here: worry about the quality of the kratom, your dosage, then worry about vein color and strain.

On top of that, I’ll tell you how to avoid getting hooked on kratom. Even though it’s not an opioid, it does trigger the opioid receptors, especially at higher doses, and so does have some of the traits of things like heroin, morphine, and opioid medications. Understanding this, regulating the dose, spotting the signs of dependence, all crucial to successful kratom usage.

But whether you want to get high and have a great time on kratom, use it for the significant pain relief it can deliver, or use it gently to help with anxiety or depression symptoms, then you’re going to get good quality information here that can help you to make good decisions on buying kratom, using it effectively and sensibly, watching out for problems, and understand its limitations.