Synthetic Urine

If you’re riddled with drug toxins and you’re looking to pass a drug test, especially at short notice, then the easiest way of doing it is to use high-quality synthetic urine. That’s a simple fact, as long as you can get around the fact you’re going to have to smuggle it in.

Smuggling a fake sample in isn’t a big deal though, because most drug tests are unsupervised. What you’ll learn in this category is the different types of drug test you might face, how to understand if it’s going to be supervised or not, and exactly how you can smuggle fake urine in.

But more than that, I’m going to do high-quality fake urine reviews, and product guides, so you can understand the good, the bad, and the ugly of fake urine. You might be shocked to learn that 90% of the fake urine brands out there don’t contain everything you need to pass a drug test, and they actively contain ingredients which will be found in a drug test and fail you.

In this category, alongside reviews of the best and worst fake urine brands, you’ll also get detailed information on the exact instructions you need to pass. This is based on my own experiences with live drug testing, and those of people I trust, over the past few years.

But more than that, I’m going to cover in detail the main problem that people using fake urine to pass a drug test phase. It’s not actually the quality of the urine, it’s the fact that they submit it outside the correct temperature range. I’ll explain to you exactly what that temperature range actually is, how the different brands of fake urine are heated up and what they used to retain that heat, and what you can do if the temperature starts to fail just before you submit your sample.

So what you’re getting here is everything you need to know to use fake urine to pass a drug test in detail. The brands that work, and those that don’t. The exact methods you need to submit a fake sample and pass, including that crucial details around making sure it’s submitted within the correct temperature range.

You’ll also learn when it isn’t viable to use. That’s basically supervised drug testing. Some people claim you can use prosthetics, or if you’re female an internal device, to still submit a fake sample in a supervised drug test. Now, you’re not been directly observed, but for me, the margin of error and risk is so high that I think to be nuts to try and use synthetic urine in a supervised drug test.

And you don’t need to, because it’s a supervised drug test, there are other ways you can use to pass that type of drug test which are much safer than trying to submit a fake sample. You’ll learn about those alternative methods right here as well.

If you’re facing a basic unsupervised drug test, which is what 95% of the pre-employment drug testing in the USA consists, then fake urine that is high-quality is definitely the easiest way that you can pass, because you’re not even dealing with the toxins in your body. You’re completely bypassing that risk and putting all the risk on to high-quality urine not being detected, which is a very small risk considering the basic nature of most drug testing in the USA at the low level.

So take a look at the detailed reviews, guides, and information in this synthetic urine category, because it’s going to give you everything you need to know in clear and easy to understand language, so that you can pass an unsupervised drug test every time.