The Only Certo Drug Test Guide You’ll Ever Need

If you are researching home remedies that could help you to pass a urine sample drug test then the Certo drug test method will certainly be one of the first you come across.

In this quick guide I’m going to tell you everything you need to know about using Certo to pass a drug test. Also known as the Sure Jell detox method, it basically involves drinking lots of Certo, Sure Jell, or another type of supermarket fruit pectin to help eliminate drug toxins in the body.

But can this method possibly work to eliminate drug toxins from the body, or is it another Internet myths?

So sit back and buckle up, because I’m going to tell you exactly what this method is, give you the full Certo drug test instructions, tell you about what happened when I tested this method with a home drug test kit, and point you towards some professional grade products that could be a better choice for passing a drug test.

Why The Certo Drug Test Method Is So Talked About

The reason that the Certo drug test method is so talked about is simply because it’s the home remedy that is most likely to actually pass a drug test.

The reason that the Certo method is the most likely to pass is because there is a certain amount of scientific basis in fact for claiming that it can.

However, the Certo method can only really work scientifically for cannabis metabolites. If it’s any other sort of drug metabolites, then you are out of luck. Let me explain why.

Cannabis metabolites (cell-sized waste products created when the active ingredient of a drug is converted in the body) are differently shaped to most other drug metabolites. Because of this they attach to fat cells in the body more readily.

That is why cannabis metabolites hang around in the body longer. It takes longer for them to work their way out of your system.

Because of this, cannabis metabolites also exit your body through the bowels more than through the bladder, far more than any other type of drug. Around 65% of cannabis metabolites exit the body through the bowels.

Certo, just like Sure Jell, is a fruit pectin. You mix it up and it’s very rich and dense in natural fiber.

So when you consume this huge hit of concentrated fiber, the body creates a load of bile to deal with it and help export it through the bowel. This process drags the cannabis metabolites attached to fat cells out of the body more readily with the bile.

Which means that Certo definitely can help drag more metabolites from cannabis use out of the body through the bowels then could occur naturally. For this reason, scientifically, it does have evidence stacking up behind it.

Full Certo Drug Test Instructions

Let’s now cover exactly what the Certo drug test method is in detail. If you want to use this home remedy method to try and pass a drug test, these are the full Certo drug test instructions you need to follow:

  1. Get two packets of Certo, Sure Jell, or another brand of fruit pectin. You could mix it with water, but some people claim you should mix it with a sports drink, something like Gatorade or Lucozade. I believe that’s because of the high sugar content in them which can make it more palatable, and potentially make you urinate more.
  • You’ll also need creatine monohydrate, and a pack of multivitamins. The idea behind consuming these is they can help keep your urine appearing natural after you’ve flushed it through with such a large volume of liquid. Creatine is used by muscles and is thereby converted into its waste product called creatinine, which is always found in human urine. The waste from the multivitamins will also appear in your urine, and will also help to keep the urine looking natural in color.
  • In the two days before your drug test drink plenty of water and lead a healthy lifestyle. Do a natural detox to try and push out as many drug toxins as possible.
  • On the night before your drug test mix one pack of the Certo with one of the sports drinks (or an appropriate amount of water to which you can add sugar if you want). Shake it up well, drink it down in about 15 minutes, and then urinate two or three times before you go to sleep.
  • On the day of your test, two hours before you leave, mix the second pack of Certo with the second sports drink. To this mix also add a good teaspoon of creatine. Drink it down in 15 minutes along with two multivitamin tablets. Then urinate as frequently as possible to empty your bladder, which will allow fresh urine that’s hopefully toxin free, and appears balanced, to start entering the bladder.

There you go, that’s the Certo method in detail. It should in theory help to keep toxins out of your urine for about three hours before they start to leak in with fresh urine. However, if you’re a heavy smoker you might not get much time at all.

If you’re really in a hurry and have a short notice drug test, some people claim that you can drink one batch of Certo with one sports drink, along with the creatine and the multivitamins, plus some additional water, and still pass with only a few hours to go before your test. But for me, that’s even more crazy, and minimizes even further the slim chances of this method possibly working.

Here’s What Happened When I Tested The Sure Jell Detox Method

Curious, I decided to follow the Certo drug test instructions for myself as a heavy weed smoker. I also bought myself a pair of cheap home drug test kits to see if this home remedy method really could work.

I followed the instructions exactly the night before and at lunchtime the following day. 90 minutes after I’d finished the second batch, 15 minutes after I had urinated for the third time, I then squeezed out a little more to do a home drug test kit. It failed.

I waited another 30 minutes, and did a second home drug test kit. Guess what. It also failed. I’m betting you’re not shocked about that. To be honest, I wasn’t either, I just don’t see how this crazy nonsense could ever work.

Does Certo Work For All Drugs?

Now here’s the thing. Earlier I talked about the scientific evidence backing up the fact that the Certo drug test could technically work.

As I stated, it’s estimated that around 60% of the cannabis metabolites created in the body exit through the bowels.

As you can see, 60%. Not 100%. That means the other 40% are still having to exit through your bladder. The Certo drug test method does nothing to address this other than using a large volume of water or sports drink to flush your bladder out.

Sure, you’ll flush it out, but your sample will be hideously diluted and unnatural. For that reason alone you’ll fail a drug test. Yes, you’re using creatine and multivitamins to keep your urine the right color (it’s the vitamin  B2 that can keep your urine a yellow color) and for it to contain creatinine.

However, human urine contains loads of other vitamins and minerals as waste products, and none of those are accounted for in the Certo method. So quite simply, when they are looked for during validity checks after you submit your sample, they won’t be found.

Plus, that’s assuming 100% efficiency on the Certo helping the body to drag every possible cannabis metabolite out through the bowels that it can. That’s just not realistic.

So yes, the Certo method helps to eliminate more cannabis metabolites in the body then it could naturally. But it does nothing to address the 40% that cannot exit that way, and this method alone will mean that your sample is almost certainly failed as diluted.

Therefore it can’t work at all for a short noticed detoxification. So the question around does Certo work for all drugs obviously can only be answered with “no” because it doesn’t work fully for any drug.

For me, I can only recommend you use it as part of a longer term natural detox. For example, if you’re a cannabis user and you want to get clean for drug test in a weeks’ time, then you could use the Certo method a couple of times to help eliminate cannabis metabolites faster than you can naturally.

Can Home Remedies Really Work To Pass A Drug Test?

The bottom line is that home remedies like the Sure Jell detox really do not work to pass professional modern drug tests.

There are tons of them out there which are talked about, and these are just some of the ones you’ll come across:

  • Niacin pills
  • Cranberry juice
  • Baking soda and water
  • Baking soda and bleach (!)
  • Pickle Juice
  • Apple cider vinegar

None of them, and I mean none of them, will help you to pass a drug test. The reasons why are really simple.

Any detoxification liquid not only has to remove drug metabolites from your bladder, but it also has to leave your sample appearing natural afterwards. That means they have to be specially constructed to flood your body with things found in human urine, so that some work their way into your urine as waste products to help them appear natural.

So that’s literally why no home remedy will ever help you pass a drug test, and on top of that, there’s absolutely zero evidence that any of them have anything in them that can help to draw cannabis metabolites, or any other type of drug metabolites, out of the body better than water.

Pass A Drug Test With More Certainty Using These Methods Instead

I want to finish here with the conclusion that the Certo drug test method simply doesn’t work. No home remedies work, especially not in the modern digital drug testing age with clued up drug testing companies. It’s all just Internet myths and people telling lies for clicks.

quick luck urine

If you want to pass a urine sample drug test then the two ways that you definitely can pass are by using fake urine, or high-quality detox drinks.

For synthetic urine, you don’t have to worry about getting clean at all. You just prepare the sample, and make sure you submit it within the correct temperature range. Because most drug tests are unsupervised, including pretty much every pre-employment drug test, you won’t be seen pouring the sample into the cup anyway.

I’d recommend Sub Solution as the synthetic urine brand to use. It’s as complex as human urine, and even looks and smells like it. You’ll also get heat activator powder with it, which allows you to heat the sample up to exactly the correct temperature just before you submit it.

Another alternative is Quick Luck. It’s made by the same people as Sub Solution, and it’s a better formula. It is more expensive though.

If you don’t want the hassle of smuggling a fake sample in, then you’re going to have to use a high-quality detox drink. Just make sure that you do at least a 24-hour natural detox before the day of your test where possible to allow your body to process as many toxins as it can. That will leave the detox drink less to do on the day of your test, giving you a longer window clean from toxins.

I’d suggest you use Ultra Eliminex, Rescue Cleanse, or if you can get it with the pre-rid pills, Mega Clean. Any three of those alongside a natural detox will give you a few hours clean. They are also complex in formula and flood your body with everything found in urine, so that those ingredients leak through as waste into your urine making it appear completely natural.

So there you go, please don’t use the Certo method, and please don’t rely on any home remedies to try and pass a drug test. You’re just setting yourself up to fail because you won’t get rid of drug metabolites and you’re probably just have your sample rejected as having been adulterated.

Stick to professional grade synthetic urine or high-quality detox drinks, and even as a heavy weed smoker I’m telling you that you will never fail a drug test ever again.

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