Green Malay Kratom Review

If you’re researching kratom, you’ll find a Green Malay kratom review telling you how good it is pretty soon. You also read that green kratom is generally milder than white or red, and you might even dismiss it on that basis. After all, you want more bang for your buck.

But that’s not the truth about Green Malay. So in this Green Malay kratom review, we’re going to put the record straight on this fantastic strain of kratom.

You’ll learn about Green Malay kratom effects, dose, how Green Malay makes you feel, and importantly where you can buy 100% pure kratom so that your journey can be the best possible for the least money spent.

Green Kratom Explained

Green kratom has often been seen as the poor cousin of white and red kratom, because you will be told it’s milder in its effects, and also more balanced between white and red effects.

Let me explain quickly.

Red kratom tends to contain a high proportion of alkaloids that bring on sedation and analgesia. At low doses all kratom is the same, it has a stimulant kick, but as it increases in dose, so the alkaloids it’s rich in becoming predominant, which with red kratom means and increasing deep calm and pain relief.

White kratom swings to the other side of the spectrum effects of kratom. You won’t get much sedation and analgesia. At low doses, you’ll still get a kick of stimulation, and at higher doses, this stimulation continues. It only at very high doses that you’ll get enough of the alkaloids that produce calm and pain relief to start to bring that effect into play.

So white kratom is used for energy and enthusiasm, red kratom is used to chilling out and getting rid of the pain. Green kratom, of which green Malay kratom is the classic strain, sits in the middle, offering some pain relief and a lot of calmness at higher doses, but also, especially at lower doses, a rich physical and mental energy and clarity.

green vein kratom

Green Malay Kratom Effects

So green kratom, although often milder, offers a fantastic balance between energy, calmness, and pain relief.

Green Malay kratom effects feed into this nicely. Green Malay predominantly has the effects of a lower dose of being very uplifting, energizing, and brings on strong cognitive benefits.

At higher doses, you retain sharpness and energy, but deep calm will start to kick in, accompanied by increasing pain relief. And this all happens in unless severe way than red or white.

In summary, Green Malay kratom effects are:

  • Improves clarity and thinking
  • Strong cognitive benefits generally
  • Stimulating and uplifting
  • Lifts mood and decreases depression
  • At higher doses dramatically calms, easing anxiety
  • Offers a reasonable amount of pain relief

So green Malay kratom effects are perfect because, by dose, you can control very well how far you swing between uplifting and energizing, through to getting calmness and pain relief. It’s a vibrant, rich experience, which is why Green Malay effects are the most popular of the green strains.

How Does Green Malay Make You Feel: Can You Get High?

 So now we’ve talked about the basic Green Malay kratom effects that you can expect at small to moderate doses, let’s talk about the effects of Green Malay at higher doses, more specifically, can you get high using Green Malay?

Green Malay is definitely a euphoric strain of kratom. At higher doses, you will feel some pain relief and very calm, but you’ll also feel a euphoric rush, a real genuine positivity and an overwhelming sense of positive emotion.

It will have to be a very high dose, and we will talk about Green Malay kratom dose is in a moment, but it’s possible to get a real euphoria from green Malay. However, that initial rush will eventually turn over into a deep calm that can be positive, but very sedating.

green malay kratom euphoria

Green Malay Kratom Dose Advice

So let’s talk specifically about the Green Malay kratom dose you need to take to get the effects you want.

We talked about all kratom being stimulating at low doses, and it’s exactly the same with Green Malay kratom effects as well. To be stimulating, a dose of up to about 4 g is usual.

Above a dose of 4 g, you will start to feel the full spectrum effects of green Malay kratom kick in. That’s when you will start to feel increasingly calm, peaceful, and free from pain, but retaining energy and cognitive focus.

At around 8 g (although it obviously depends on your individual profile) you’ll start to swing into that blissful euphoria. But how much will depend on you personally and your situation, but that’s the sort of dose ranges it starts to kick in at.

So if you don’t want to get high, if you don’t want that euphoric rush, and you don’t just want stimulation, if you want to experience the full spectrum of green Malay kratom effects but not in an overwhelming way, you are looking at a dose of between 4 g and 8 g, with the effects lasting for up to 6 hours.

Green Malay Dosage

Where To Buy Green Malay

So the conclusion of this Green Malay kratom review is that it’s a very positive strain of kratom. The effects not overwhelming until you get to a very high dose, and when you get a high dose you’ll feel a rush of happiness and euphoria, with plenty of calmness and pain relief, that drifts into a deep calm without being debilitating.

So now you know how Green Malay kratom makes you feel, and what sort of dose you require to get the spectrum of effects, let’s talk about where you should buy Green Malay kratom from.

For me, there are a couple of good choices:

  1. CoastlineKratom offers some of the best kratom in powder form you will find in the USA. I can tell you that their Green Malay is exceptional.

They sell Green Malay in both powder and capsule form. 25 g of Green Malay powder will cost you $15.99, while the same weight packed in capsules, 50 capsules, will cost you $32.99.

CoastlineKratom also sells Ultra Enhanced Green Malay kratom. Ultra enhanced kratom is especially potent. It’s kratom that is boiled down into a concentrated resin, and then additionally extracted kratom alkaloids are added, giving it a potency that’s far above normal kratom. However, you will pay for that power, with 25 g of powder costing you $89.99.

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  1. The second choice for Green Malay, a far simpler choice than trying to decide between powder, capsules, or extracts, is Tropic Health Club.

These guys only sell two types of kratom, red and green in capsule form. The green is a classic Green Malay, that’s been specially blended and selected to give you those classic effects, packaged into the simplicity of a capsule.

60 capsules of Green Malay kratom will cost you $34.99. There’s even the option to be re-billed monthly so that you can have a constant supply without lifting a finger.