Green Kratom Effects & Strains Reviewed

I really wanted to do a good green kratom review because I feel it’s the poor relation to white and red kratom, who get all the publicity and raving reviews.

Green vein kratom effects are really great because they swing less to one end of the kratom effects spectrum or the other than red or green. Although red and green kratom is the big players because of the benefits they carry, green kratom is actually more widely used in the countries it’s imported from because of the balance it offers. In reasonable

So let’s dive straight in and tell you about effects, dosage, compare some popular strains of green kratom, and give you the names of the few places you can buy 100% pure green kratom.

Why Is Green Kratom Different To Other Strains?

Because green kratom is often seen as more mild than red or white, it’s seen as less good value. But that’s not actually the truth about green kratom.

Red kratom contains more of the alkaloid that initiates calm and pain relief, which at higher doses turns into sedation and full analgesia. A low dose still produces energy both mentally and physically, the same as all types of kratom do. It’s all about the dose.

It’s the same with white kratom. Lower doses will give you an energy boost mentally and physically. As the dose gets higher, you will get pure rush energy and alertness that then tips over into out-of-control hyperactivity, followed by the same drift into tiredness.

That’s why I love green kratom. At high doses, you’ll still get strong effects. You’ll have to take more than with red and green usually, but you can experience great range, plus at lower doses, it can often be a cleaner and more balanced set of characteristics that are beneficial, and manageable.

Green Vein Kratom Effects

So let’s take a look at the specific green vein kratom effects that you can expect to experience.

At lower doses most kratom is exactly the same. You’ll get increased energy, cognitive improvements, and a sense of sharpness and happiness. You’ll just feel a better version of yourself.

As the dose increases, so the traits of the different vein colors start to kick in, with red becoming more analgesic and sedative, white becoming more overwhelmingly energetic, and green having the following kratom effects:

  • A sense of wellbeing and peace
  • Increasing analgesia
  • Increasing calm moving into sedation at very high dose
  • The retention of physical energy unless very high dose
  • retention of mental improvements unless very high dose

So at moderate doses and above, the characteristics of green kratom start to come out. You’ll retain higher levels of mental and physical energy than you will be using red kratom, but lower levels of pain relief and calmness.

As the dose increases, so you will start to experience higher levels of calmness moving into sedation, and total pain relief, the same as red kratom, because green has enough of the alkaloids in it to achieve this. But it’s only at a much higher dose than with red kratom.

green kratom powder

Green Vein Kratom Dosage

 So green kratom is a fantastic daytime kratom. Or it’s a great evening kratom if you want energy and enthusiasm, but you also want some calmness and to wind down at the end of the night.

Because kratom is a spectrum substance, with the effects changing with the increasing dose, and because it’s very individual to the person taking it, we can only talk generally about dosage.

However, I found the following brackets tend to be a great initial guideline for anyone wanting to experiment with green vein kratom effects:

  • Beginner dose up to 3 grams
  • Moderate dose up to 6 grams
  • Strong dose up to 10 grams
  • Overwhelming dose above 10 grams

Can You Get A Euphoric High Using Green Kratom?

Some people claim that you can only get euphoric high with white kratom, and an opiate-like high using red kratom. They say that green kratom isn’t strong enough to be euphoric unless you take a ridiculous dose.

For me, that isn’t true. I’ll talk about one strain I had a great experience with, green Malay. Green Malay seems to have a slightly higher proportion of the alkaloid that brings on calmness and sedation than other greens.

So at a very high dose, usually 10 g or above, you can hit a really beautiful euphoric high. It will be smoother and less aggressive than using white kratom, and not as overwhelmingly disassociating as red kratom.

For me, the euphoric high green kratom is actually the best, because it’s more balanced than using white or green.

I’ve been buying Green Malay from Coastline Kratom in increasing quantities recently. I’ll take it in loose powder form if I want a performance kick at work that still keeps me relaxed, and if I want a good night out. That’s because it delivers a significant physical and mental energy boost, but you’ll still feel chilled out and feeling great.

Green Malay Vs Green Maeng Da

 When I first started using kratom I did steer away from green because of what everyone had said about it being weaker.

By then I tried a couple of strains when I did an order from a company called PurKratom. They sell fantastic capsules, but I actually bought Green Malay and Green Maeng Da in loose powder form from.

Maeng Da is meant to be a very strong kratom, so I wondered what the effects of Green Maeng Da would feel like. And because I’d heard that Green Malay was the classic green strain, I want to try that as well to see how they compare.

My experiment was to take 8 grams of each, a few days apart, to see how it felt. Green Malay gave me a mild rash, a mildly euphoric high at that dose. I still felt calm, I felt energized, and I still felt mentally and physically sharp. That really surprised me when I had been used to red kratom.

The Green Maeng Da from PurKratom was very intense. A bit like a white kratom but still with more calmness. The rush was incredible but I still felt in control. It was definitely stronger overall than the Green Malay, but still didn’t quite feel like a red or white. Tough to explain, but when you experience it you will know what I mean.

green kratom review

Where To Buy Green Kratom

So look I want to finish this green kratom review by telling you about a few places you can buy pure Green vein kratom.

I’ve already mentioned Coastline Kratom, who sells the most amazing pure powder. They also sell some capsules, but the range isn’t as wide as it is with PurKratom.

PurKratom is the other place I’ve already mentioned, and they sell the widest range of kratom capsules you will find. In terms of green kratom, they sell five different types in powder and capsule form, including the rare Green Kapuas strain which is well worth trying.

I’ll give an honorable mention to BuyKratom, as they are another place I’ve used and found pure kratom for sale. They sell fantastic quality green kratom in a variety pack, allowing you to try Green Thai, Green Malay, Green Borneo, Maeng Da Indo, Green Sumatra, and Green Maeng Da, in small trial packs all together for less than $50.

The final place I’ll tell you about is a kratom vendor I had only heard about recently. They only sell two types of kratom, red and green, in capsule form. It’s generic, but really great quality.

They are called Tropic Health Club, and if you just want a simple choice of green kratom in capsule form, then they are a great value. At a moderate dose, it offers strong effects, and for me, it felt a bit like green Malay, but it’s probably just a blend of good quality green kratom.