How To Use Kratom For Quitting Alcohol & Withdrawal Symptoms

Kratom can be a really helpful tool for quitting alcohol, as long as you understand its limitations and don’t fall into the same trap you do with alcohol. Using kratom for alcohol withdrawal symptoms is a great strategy, and with help, it can really get you kicking the habit quicker.

In the next five minutes, you’re going to learn everything you need to know about using kratom for quitting alcohol. Why it can help, the effects of kratom, side effects to watch out for, and dosage.

But more than that, you’ll learn about how to use it successfully alongside tapering off alcohol, how it can be used for alcohol anxiety problems, and also I’ll tell you where I have bought kratom that’s 100% pure to deal with my own emotional alcohol addiction.

Reasons Kratom Can Help With Quitting Alcohol

Lots of people use kratom to alleviate a range of physical and emotional problems:

  • Kratom can lift your emotional mood
  • Kratom can give you a cognitive boost
  • It can boost your physical energy levels
  • Calms anxiety
  • Helps with relieving depressive symptoms
  • Has analgesic properties

These attributes tie in nicely to the problems with alcoholism. When it comes to using kratom for alcohol withdrawal, you’re really looking at hitting the following problems:

  1. Alcohol can cause bad anxiety, so using kratom for alcohol anxiety relief can really help. Anxiety can be triggered when is in your body, which is particularly prevalent after a big session, especially if you are binge drinking. This anxiety can last for hours, and kratom can help to calm you down and stop physical and mental shaking.
  2. Alcohol can cause physical pain and withdrawal symptoms, and kratom can help to stop physical pain and calm you down and get you back in control.
  3. Alcohol can cause depression, especially between bouts of drinking. This can lead to a spiraling down into negative thinking, which can lead to using alcohol to try and lift your spirits. Kratom can boost your mood and outlook to counter this.

kratom for alcohol anxiety

How To Use Kratom For Alcohol Withdrawal

Now look, you shouldn’t be using kratom every day. You need to be tapering down on alcohol use and using kratom to filling the gaps and deal with the worst of the withdrawal symptoms. You should never stop drinking alcohol completely if you are an alcoholic. It can cause serious, life-threatening withdrawal symptoms.

You should have a tapering down strategy over several weeks. So you shouldn’t be hard on yourself if you fall off the wagon. But what you should try and do is use kratom to head off those times when you think you might hit the bottle hard.

Also, when you have failed, you can pick yourself up with small and more regular doses of kratom to help to lengthen the time before you fail again.

On top of those benefits, if you are using kratom for quitting alcohol, it can be very useful for getting you high and giggly and positive, mimicking the effects of alcohol, allowing you to function socially when maybe usually you have struggled because you have used alcohol.

What Kratom is Best For Alcohol Withdrawal Symptoms?

White kratom can be good in small doses, in fact, all kratom in small doses as a stimulant. White kratom remains to energize at higher doses as well though. However, on the negative side, white kratom can be like a huge caffeine hit, and it can be too unsettling and stimulating for some people who want to chill out and calm down.

Red kratom is the opposite, especially as the dose increases. It has a strong analgesic effect and a far stronger calmness effect, but this comes at the cost of mental and physical energy levels as the dose increases. However, it can lift your mood and chill you out, making it good for both anxiety and depression, as well as physical pain and energy symptoms.

Green kratom lays somewhere in the middle between the two and is often milder. It retains the kick of energy but also has more calmness and analgesia benefits than white kratom. So it could be a good one to use if you don’t want to really kick back, but you will not have fun, or you’re out working and you need energy but still need to stay calm and balanced.

best kratom for alcohol withdrawal

Kratom Dosage For Alcoholism & Depression

Kratom should always be taken in the minimum amount possible to get the effect you need when using it to deal with alcoholism and depression symptoms. But should also be prepared to use a high dose of kratom for alcohol and depression where needed.

The thing is, it’s also about the frequency of the dose. You should not be using kratom every day. Two times a week, three times a week, maybe more at the start, but you should be quickly tapering that down and trying to use it only when things are really bad. You have to deal with the pain of alcohol withdrawal on your own sometimes.

Higher doses can be used if you want to get high and have fun and really escape for a few hours, but that should be like once a week. Lower doses can be used a couple of times a week, sometimes a little more frequently when you’re in real pain, really struggling with anxiety, depression, or really needing physical or mental stimulation.

The actual dosage of kratom you use, whether it’s red, green, or white kratom, it doesn’t really matter, the dosage range will differ depending on who you are. Experimentation is going to be key here.

Broadly, the dosage ranges you should be looking at to experiment within are:

  • Beginner/low dose up to 4 g
  • Moderate full spectrum dose up to 7 g
  • Strong full-spectrum dose up to 10 g
  • High/overwhelming dose above 10 g

When I was transitioning from alcohol use I found that I started with quite a high dose, 10 g or more a couple of times a week because I was just struggling like hell with the withdrawal.

But as I got more control, I found I was using lower doses, but slightly more frequently. As I tapered down off alcohol, I worked hard to taper down from kratom, and within about a month I was down to 5 g of pure kratom three times a week, using it when the withdrawal symptoms became worse.

Kratom Dosage For Alcoholism

Using Kratom For Alcohol Anxiety Symptoms

Using kratom for alcohol anxiety symptoms is slightly different from withdrawal symptoms in some ways.

Some people can suffer from horrendous alcohol anxiety symptoms without being addicted to alcohol. It could just be that they binge drink on the comedown they get that horrendous thumping heart, feeling of panic and doom.

A good dose of red kratom, or for slightly more energy, green kratom, can really help to calm you down, lower that heart rate, make you feel like you’re in control, and get you moving on from the panic in a couple of hours.

So although kratom for alcohol anxiety, depression, and generally dealing with withdrawal symptoms can all go hand-in-hand, alcohol anxiety can be slightly different.

This is especially the case as anxiety can be increased by things like caffeine and stimulants. At lower doses kratom can be a stimulant, especially white and green kratom. So a higher dose of red kratom or potentially green kratom is the way to go for occasionally easing anxiety symptoms.

kratom fo depression

How To Take Kratom

There are several ways you can take kratom to deal with alcohol withdrawal symptoms:

  1. The simplest method is to consume loose powder. You can do this either by pouring it into your mouth lose and then swallowing it with water, called the toss and wash method. Or you could wrap it in something like a cigarette paper and swallow that. However, kratom tastes pretty foul so anything you can do to avoid contact with the powder is good.
  2. A great way to minimize the taste and powdery nature of kratom is to mix it with something thick and sweet like milkshake or fruit juice. This minimizes both of those negative aspects and allows you to drink it more quickly. In fact, in Southeast Asia fruit juices are used to create kratom cocktails.
  3. You could just use kratom capsules. These are more expensive than loose powder, but they are a great way to experience dosing kratom without any of the effects of bitterness in the taste or having to deal with loose powder. They also brilliant for getting the exact dose without a micro-scale, and also being able to dose discreetly on the move.

mixing kratom with orange juice

Kratom Side Effects That Can Make Alcohol Problems Worse

At low doses kratom has a side effect of being a stimulant, this is common to red, green, white kratom strains. As we are talking mostly about using red kratom for relieving alcohol withdrawal symptoms, we are talking about slightly higher doses where kratom can create dizziness and nausea symptoms.

Also if you are using kratom for anxiety, higher doses can sometimes trigger dizziness and nausea symptoms, which you may already be experiencing. So be a little cautious at the beginning with dosage for using kratom for alcohol withdrawal problems because of the side effects.

Where To Buy Kratom For Alcohol Withdrawal

The place I would recommend if you are thinking about starting with kratom for quitting alcohol is Coastline Kratom. These guys offer brilliant guarantees on the quality of their kratom, and they source directly from Southeast Asia. They also offer a full moneyback guarantee.

They offer red, white, and green kratom in all the major strains. They also offer a beginner variety pack for you to experiment with, and most of the kratom they sell is now available in capsules.

Specifically talking about red kratom, Red Borneo and Red Bali are the strains I’ve used successfully because they are classic red strains that can have a beautifully smooth experience that chills you out, calms you down, but still leaves you energized.

In terms of green kratom, Green Malay is a classic uplifting it calming and pain relieving kratom. Especially at higher doses, it can kickstart your social event, meaning you’re not falling back on alcohol.