Kratom Not Working? Here’s Why

Although it’s not common, some people do suffer from the problem of kratom not working. We don’t mean kratom completely not working, but the effects being far less than was expected, or that were previously experienced.

So why is that? How can kratom not be working anymore? How does it go from being potent and wonderful to virtually useless powder?

To answer these key kratom questions, let’s take a look at the main reasons why kratom can stop working, or more accurately a minimizing of the effects, and how you can address the main reasons.

How Long Do Kratom Effects Take?

If you’re new to kratom, then you could be wondering why kratom is not working, when in actual fact it hasn’t really kicked in properly yet.

Kratom can take up to one hour for the full effects to be felt and in some people longer than that If one or more of the top reasons we’re going to list below for kratom not working anymore apply, then those full effects will never be fully felt anyway.

So you have to allow at least an hour, plus address the issues we are going to talk about below before you start panicking that kratom is not going working for you.

#1 Taking Kratom On A Full Stomach

 Kratom is at its most effective when taken on an empty stomach. If you take it when your stomach has food in it, then it gets processed more slowly, and the effects don’t get to hit you in one go.

It is always advised to not have eaten food for at least three hours before taking kratom. That way, it can be processed far more quickly in your stomach, and the full effects will be felt with a more rapid onset.

kratom not working

#2 Low Quality Kratom

 One of the biggest problems is low quality kratom. If kratom is not working for you anymore, then it could just be that the kratom you have bought is not good quality.

Kratom can be low quality because it wasn’t good quality in the first place, it was stored badly or has been cut with other substances to make it go further.

Always buy your kratom from a trusted kratom vendor, and it’s best to try kratom from several retailers to find which is the most potent and fresh. Plus, make sure you store your kratom in airtight containers in a cool, dark place.

#3 Wrong Strain Of Kratom

Sometimes it can be that you’ve just got the wrong strain of kratom for the effect you want to achieve.

For example, if you have bought white kratom, or it’s been mislabeled, or even blended, and you’re expecting pain relief, then you’re not going to experience very much of it.

And taking a dose of red kratom which produces a strong calming and analgesic feeling, but doesn’t produce much energy after an initial rush, leaving you sitting around chilling out when you want to be energized, can also point to the wrong kratom.

So always make sure that you carefully research the type of kratom you need in comparison to the results the different strains and vein colors achieve.

#4 Dosage Is Too Low

Dosage with kratom can be very problematic. Sometimes people take several grams of kratom and feel absolutely nothing. They then think kratom is not working anymore, and they don’t bother trying again.

This is also linked to the type of kratom. Some strains and colors, as well as how fresh and potent the kratom is, can also affect the dose you need.

It’s recommended for beginners to start with a dose as low as a couple of grams. If you don’t feel anything, work up a couple of grams at a time until you do. If you get to around 6 g and still don’t feel anything, then the kratom quality is the problem.

So remember that kratom is a very individual herb. It’s also a spectrum drug, so at lower doses, somebody might be flying, while somebody else feels absolutely nothing. You have to experiment not only with the different types of kratom but with a full range of doses from as low as 2 g, all the way up to around 8 g.

kratom dosage

#5 Kratom Tolerance

 The final main reason why people find kratom not working anymore is that they have built up kratom tolerance.

Kratom tolerance is a real problem for some people, but it’s not with others. When you take kratom regularly, especially at higher doses, your body gets used to that dose, and you require an increasing dose to get the same effects.

The only way to deal with this is to take a kratom tolerance break. This is where you taper down, and then stop taking kratom. Do it for a few weeks, and then start with a low dose to see how the effects feel then in comparison to how they did before your kratom tolerance break began.