Detoxify Mega Clean Review: How Well Does It Work?

In this Mega Clean detox review, you’re going to learn just how good it is at masking the toxins in your body so that you can pass a drug test. I’ll be upfront here and tell you that it’s not one of the most potent detox drinks, but it’s definitely in the top three, and plenty good enough as long as you follow the tips I outline in this review.

Not only will we look at the fundamentals of Mega Clean, including full Mega Clean instructions to maximize your chances of passing a drug test, but we’ll also look at how well Mega Clean works in comparison to Xxtra Clean, another detox drink from the same company.

On top of all that, I’m also going to conclude this review of Mega Clean by comparing it to two potentially more potent detox drinks that I’ve also tested and used so that you can make an excellent buying decision.

What Is Mega Clean Detox?

Mega Clean is a detox drink from a company called Detoxify. They actually make quite a large range of detoxification products, and it can be a bit confusing because they all look and sound very similar.

In fact, all the products from this company are in red packaging with the same white and yellow lettering. Visually, the bottles can look almost identical.

Worsen that, a lot of the detox products in the Detoxify range all have similar names like Mega Clean, mighty clean, and Xxtra Clean.

But Mega Clean is the most well-known. It’s sold at Walmart, and on many large websites, making it very popular, and it gets talked about a lot online by people looking to use detox drinks to pass a drug test. But just to warn you, popularity does not always equal potency.

As an example of how popularity doesn’t equal success, Qcarbo32 is often talked about online because it’s so widely available to buy at Walmart and other places. But that popularity doesn’t translate into passing drug tests, a lot of people saying it’s failed, it’s just not a strong enough formula to get rid of the toxins fast enough to leave you clean for long enough, and it doesn’t maintain the balance of your in urine particularly well.

How A Detox Drink Works

Let’s blow the biggest misconception about detox drinks out of the water right here at the start of this Mega Clean detox review.

Detox drinks don’t detoxify you. That may sound a bit confusing, but it’s the truth. They do not draw toxins out of your body. The toxins in your bloodstream, attached to cells in your body, none of those get drawn out to any great degree.

Here’s what a detox drink like Mega Clean actually does:

  1. When you drink it, it floods the body with a concentrated liquid that passes through the kidneys and into the bladder. This rush of liquid draws toxins in your kidneys into your bladder. Some of the ingredients also help your body to process things more quickly and expel things more quickly, so there is a minor effect of releasing more toxins, more quickly. But it is not allowing your body to expel all the toxins in it, it does not truly detoxify your body.
  2. When you urinate these toxins are then flushed out of the body. That leaves your urine clean until fresh toxins work their way through your kidneys and back into the fresh urine. Sometimes this takes a few minutes, sometimes a few hours.
  3. The detox drink also contains things found in normal, balanced urine. Things like creatinine (a waste product of creatine which is always found in good quality detox drinks), vitamins and minerals often found as waste in urine, and other things are the process by the body and then found in urine. Mega clean also contains B vitamins which help to keep your urine a natural color.

Put together, this flood of liquid cleans out the toxins when you urinate, and then hit your body with such a volume of things found in urine that some of it passed through as waste giving you temporarily clean and balanced urine.

The problem with all this is that the heavier the level of toxins you have in your body that still have not reached your kidneys, the quicker they will appear in your urine once they have been processed. Usually, this takes 4-5 hours, for people with lower levels of toxins, but it could be as low as a couple of hours.

So a detox drink definitely does not detoxify your body, as you can see now, it just flushes the toxins out and keep your urine appearing natural until fresh toxins are leaking. So you don’t have long to get to the clinic and submit your clean sample.

Mega Clean Instructions

Having said all that, the Mega Clean instructions are pretty straightforward:

  1. Shake the contents of the bottle thoroughly and drink them smoothly over about 15 minutes.
  2. Fill up the bottle with water and drink that over another 15 minutes.
  3. The third step of the Mega Clean instructions is to then urinate as frequently as possible in the 30-60 minutes after you finish the drink.
  4. Gets to the clinic as quickly as possible and submit a clean sample.

I’d add to those instructions that you should do a home drug test kit after you’ve urinated a couple of times. This will tell you if you are clean. Once you are clean get to the clinic as quickly as possible.

Does Mega Clean Work?

Does Mega Clean work? Yes, it undoubtedly does.

I’ve tested Mega Clean using a home drug test kit. I did a 48-hour absence before the day of the test, and then followed the instructions above. I tested negative 90 minutes after completing the instructions, and two hours later. The third test on hour five failed.

What I would say though is you have to do natural detoxification before the day of your test. This is actually tucked away in the instructions for Mega Clean.

For at least 48 hours before the day of your test (you might get away with 24 hours if you are a light smoker or user) do a natural detox.

This involves sweating, exercising, drinking lots of water, eating fatty foods and small meals, getting plenty of rest, and cutting out as many other toxins as possible. Basically, you’re giving your body as much chance as possible to push out toxins at the fastest rate possible.

All this gives Mega Clean a headstart. It means on the day of your test that you have a lower and slower rate of toxins entering your urine. That gives it less work to do, and it also means they’ll be a longer gap between urinating out the toxins and fresh ones appearing.

Just make sure you buy some home drug test kits and use them before you go and do your test. You don’t want to get caught out here. If you fail when using one, you’ll either have to have a plan B of synthetic urine ready to go, or you can drink water and urinate more, or you could have another bottle of Mega Clean handy and double up by drinking it and then urinating a couple of times before you actually get to the point of submitting your sample.

Mega Clean Vs Xxtra Clean

Mega Clean is a full 32 fluid ounce detoxification product, while Xxtra Clean is 20 fluid ounces, and Ready Clean is 16 fluid ounces in size.

I’ll tell you the truth here. They are all exactly the same product. If you look at the back of the bottles the composition is exactly the same, it’s just the volume of liquid that is different.

So the higher the level of toxins in your body, the bigger the product you need. But unless you’re a 5-foot female who smokes a joint a couple of times a week, I would just always spend the extra money for Mega Clean, use the maximum amount of liquid and the maximum amount of proprietary specialist ingredients to get your body temporarily detoxified.

Where To Buy Mega Clean & Alternatives

The conclusion of my Mega Clean detox review is that it’s not the most potent detox drink out there.

The better alternatives are actually Rescue Cleanse and Ultra Eliminex. On their own, they are more potent detox drinks with better formulations and track records. I’ve used both of them in tests and to pass a live drug test. You still have to try and do a 48-hour detox if possible, or 24-hour as a minimum unless you really are in trouble.

My friend used Mega Clean to pass a drug test. He already had the bottle, and I just made sure they did the full 48-hour detox beforehand, to make sure that he didn’t fail. Thankfully he was a light smoker and he passed. But he was complacent, and it just shows how easy it is to assume the detox drinks are literally a drink and go thing.

But my advice if you want to buy Mega Clean is to get it at the best price from Test Clear. The reason for that is that if you buy it from Test Clear then you get it bundled up with six free Toxin Rid detox pills.

These powerful Toxin Rid pills make the 48-hour detox even more effective. Use them in the last 24 hours, and I’m telling you they will push out a ton of toxins, leaving Mega Clean a far easier ride on the day of your test.

If you can only grab it locally, Mega Clean is by far and away the best option that is available from on the shelf in regards to detox drinks. If you’re going to buy online, get in advance, and make sure you buy it with the Toxin Rid pills because together they create possibly the most potent detox drink combo.