Privacy Policy

Ethno Botanical Council is the domain name of our website, and it highlights the ethos we follow. However, I prefer the informal subtitle of “the kratom place” as it more realistically covers what we talk about here.

We talk about kratom, and other legal herbs. We also talk about passing drug tests, and injustice built into the crazy American system right now.

I may also cover other topics around health and fitness, cannabis use, staying clean and healthy, and other lifestyle topics as well.

This privacy policy governs the data you submit directly or indirectly when you visit the site and interact with it, how we process and use it, how it stored, as well as policies for cookies and affiliate links.

At the start of this privacy policy I will state clearly that if you do not agree with any of the terms laid out in it, then you should cease using the website immediately. By using this website further, you are agreeing to the terms of the privacy policy we have.

This privacy policy is laid out with regard to the local laws, based on my location, the location of the service the site is stored. However, we are aware of global privacy laws, and will try and work with you if you contact us about a specific privacy issue relating to your own location or jurisdiction.

Why We Collect Data

To be honest, we have no choice but to collect data. Servers routinely collect data to form logs. You can’t really stop that, and to be honest, it’s essential because it helps to stop spam, and helps to manage the use of the server on site.

But in terms of the use of the site, we do not collect any unnecessary data.

The primary reason for collecting data is security. IP address blocking helps us regulate spam and hacking attempts.

The secondary reason is analytics. We collect analytical data based on IP address and device use, as well as the path through the website you take, to help us to better create content and structure the site.

It’s important to state that we do not collect data to sell, or share, with any third parties for commercial purposes other than through affiliate link clicks.

The Type of Data We Collect

What we do collect though is IP addresses, details about the device you use to access the site, and how the IP address you use passes through the site. This helps us to understand who is visiting the site, and how they use it.

We also collect data if you submit a comment. This is obviously your choice, but when you do, we log the IP address, and any details you submit in the comment form.

The third way in which we collect data through our comment form. When you submit a comment, it logs on IP address, as well as the details submitted.

How We Use & Process Data Submitted

We do not share your data with any third parties for commercial gain on that information (selling data), the data submitted is used purely by us for the following reasons.

The first reason you submitted data is to protect the site. IP addresses are used to track visitors, and to block them from access if they are spamming the site, or even worse trying to hack it. This data is kept indefinitely.

The second reason we use data is for analytical purposes. This helps to understand how many visitors we get, how they use the site, where they go, how they enter and exit it. We collect IP addresses and browser data to understand how people visit the site, and what browser/device they visited on. This data is also kept indefinitely. We do this analysis on our own server, and in third-party cloud software. So third-party cloud software will log your IP address and browser.

The third reason we use data is for comments. Any comment you submit is logged indefinitely (as obviously comments appear on the site indefinitely). This will log on IP address, name, email address, and the comment text, in the database that runs the site.

We use the data submitted to also process comment forms. However, this data is not kept indefinitely, and is deleted 30 days after we have finished your submission and deleted the email to our web mail bin.

The last reason we use data is on third party affiliate software. When you click an affiliate link on our site, the affiliate software on the third-party website starts to track that link via a cookie. This will be shown in the affiliate software we used to monitor our affiliate payments.

Cookie Policy

We do not use any non-essential cookies on the website. That’s because we don’t run any services like a membership service which requires session cookies or any other specialist cookies.

Because we don’t work with third parties, there are no advertising tracking cookies or anything of that nature.

However, we do use affiliate cookies. These are actually not put on your computer by our website. The affiliate cookies are placed when you click an affiliate link on our website. The affiliate software from the affiliate owner’s server places the cookie on your computer when you click the link and visit their website.

Affiliate Link Policy

Some of the links on this website are affiliate links. That means when you click on it a cookie is placed on your computer when you land on the web page you are visiting.

That cookie stays in your computer for a certain amount of time, sometimes 30 days, sometimes they are lifetime cookies, depending on the affiliate link you click.

If you buy something from the website at any time when that cookies active, we receive a small payment for you doing so. It’s how we run the site, and we urge you to keep the cookies on your computer.

Changes to This Privacy Policy

We are unlikely to make changes to this privacy policy as it covers everything well, and because of the nature of the website, it’s unlikely to need changing.

However, should we have to change the wording in this privacy policy, it will be done and displayed via this web page.

The latest copy of our privacy notice is always on this webpage and continued use of our website states that you agree with its content.