Quick Fix Review: How Well Does This Budget Fake Urine Stack Up?

Quick Fix is a budget brand of fake urine, but it still has a good track record and it’s frequently updated. So in this Quick Fix review, I’m going to tell you how good it is, how to use it, and how it stacks up against competitors.

A lot of people don’t quite “get it” when it comes to using fake urine to pass a drug test, so I’m hoping that by the end of this review of Quick Fix you’ll have a better understanding of its strengths and weaknesses.

I’ll also talk to you about a couple of alternative fake urine products that have different formulas and different heating methods, so that you can make a decision on what you spend your money on, and how much money you should spend to ensure you pass an important drug test.

What Is Spectrum Labs Quick Fix 6.2?

Quick Fix is a synthetic urine brand made by a company called Spectrum Labs. It’s been around for more than a decade and has had a pretty good track record until the past couple of years when it has had a lot more people reporting it has failed them.

The current formula is Quick Fix 6.2, and it’s updated every couple of years at a minimum. So this isn’t some out of date formula that doesn’t react to the latest information on urine sample testing trends.

You can also buy it in sizes. You can get the standard Quick Fix in 2 fluid ounce size for just $39.95, and Quick Fix Plus, which is exactly the same except in 3 fluid ounce container for $39.95. So don’t let the “Plus” bit confuse you, it’s exactly the same urine but you just get more of it.

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What You Get In The Quick Fix Urine Kit

 One good thing about Quick Fix is that it’s premixed. It’s not a powder, you don’t have to add the uric acid in separately (like you do with Magnum synthetic urine), but it is a basic formula.

This is what you get in the Quick Fix box:

  • 2 or 3 oz of Quick Fix synthetic urine
  • Single heatpad
  • An elastic band to strap the heat pad to the sample
  • Instruction leaflet

So there’s not a lot in the kit, but it’s the quality of the urine and the quality of the heatpad which are vitally important.

To pass a drug test, fake urine has to have several characteristics. As a minimum, it has to look like urine, and contain the very basic chemicals that would be looked for to see if the sample is genuine or not.

These are the characteristics of Quick Fix that you will get for your money:

  • Quick Fix contains uric
  • It contains uric acid
  • Quick Fix is balanced to be within the correct pH range
  • Quick Fix is also balanced to be within the specific gravity range of human urine
  • Quick Fix contains creatinine (a waste product of creatine)
  • It looks like urine

What you’re getting for your money is a very basic premixed synthetic urine formula. It could be good enough, but if they scrutinize it any further than the very basic chemicals found in human urine, then Quick Fix will struggle.

How To Use Quick Fix For Passing A Drug Test

Instructions for using Quick Fix for drug tests are quite straightforward as long as you follow them closely:

  1. You have two options for heating the sample. The first option is to microwave the container of premixed Quick Fix urine a few seconds at a time, shaking each time, until it registers on the temperature strip on the side of the bottle. You’re looking for the temperature to reach 100°F, as close to that as possible, but not going over.
  2. The second option is to use the heatpad if you haven’t got a microwave around. You’ll have to activate the heatpad, strap it to the sample elastic band, and give it about 30 minutes to warm up. Whichever method you use, you’ll need to strap the heatpad to the sample to maintain the heat.
  3. Now put on two pairs of underpants, and tuck the sample in between the two pairs, so that you get heat from your body, and it doesn’t move around. But on jogging bottoms, so that the sample is invisible.
  4. Just before you go into the test center, make sure that you check the sample temperature. If it’s dropped below 90°F then you will need to warm it up. I always advise using a flask of hot (not boiling) water to raise the temperature a few degrees.

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Does Quick Fix Work?

So the question that needs answering is simply: does Quick Fix work to pass a drug test? The answer to this isn’t actually black and white. There are a couple of things that feed into it:

  1. You have to submit it within the correct temperature range. This is actually the biggest reason why people fail drug tests using fake samples. If the sample isn’t between the magic 90°F and 100°F, then it’s obviously not human and will not pass the initial validity checks, the first of which is a temperature test which has to take place within a few minutes of you handing the sample over.
  2. The second thing is the quality of the test being done. It depends on the lab, the scrutiny of the people doing the testing, and also how expensive the test is. It stands to reason that if a company has paid a basic $50 or something for a five panel pre-employment drug test then it’s not going to face as much scrutiny as a 12 panel drug test costing far more.

If you are facing a basic five panel drug test for pre-employment, then Quick Fix could be good enough. It’s only $30-40, and if you’re not that bothered, then sure, give it a go.

The other thing I will mention in regards to Quick Fix working for drug tests is the fact that there was a video posted on YouTube a while back which purported to be from a lab assistant who said that they can tell Quick Fix a mile off because when you hold up to the light as it looks green in a way that urine doesn’t. That’s anecdotal evidence, but for me, it is another red light flashing over Quick Fix.

Where To Buy Quick Fix Synthetic Urine

I would never recommend you buy any products like detox drinks or synthetic urine from general marketplace websites like eBay or Amazon.

I’d also suggest you don’t go near Craigslist or any dubious-looking websites that are not listed as official resellers.

Sometimes people will sell expired urine, or urine that’s been heated and then not needed, or even Quick Fix they’ve used, and then just filled the bottle up with amber liquid. Who are you to know?

So always go for the main company website or an authorized reseller. Quick Fix is best bought from the authorized reseller Quick Fix Synthetic, where the “plus” version is priced at only $39.95.

I’d recommend you go for the 3 fluid ounce plus version because a few testing labs deliberately require a sample volume greater than 2 fluid ounces because they know that most fake urine brands are sold in that size. You have to give them 10 out of 10 for knowing their business and catching people out!

More Reliable (But Expensive) Alternatives

The conclusion of my Quick Fix review is that personally speaking, I think it’s just about good enough if there’s nothing else available, or you don’t have enough money to buy the premium alternatives.

If it’s a pre-employment drug test for a part-time job, something like that, or not that bothered, then Quick Fix could be good enough.

But if the drug test is important and you don’t want to get caught out, or money isn’t such an issue for you, then I would go for one of the two premium products on the market: Quick Luck or Sub Solution.

Both of these products are made by Clear Choice, a really reputable company who also make Rescue Cleanse, the best detox drink you can buy. Sub Solution costs $80, while Quick Luck costs $100. Quick Luck is slightly more complex in the formula, and is premixed as opposed to the powdered synthetic urine you get with Sub Solution.

Quick fix alternatives

That makes Quick Luck absolutely brilliant for on the spot drug testing, on-the-job ones where you have minimal notice.

Also, crucially, neither of these brands use a heatpad, they both use heat activator powder instead. That means that you just tap a little bit of the powder in, agitate the liquid, and it generates heat. It raises the temperature slightly for every little bit of powder you put in, and it’s very easy to closely control the temperature you need.

So you don’t even need a heatpad to transport Sub Solution or Quick Luck. You just go to the location you are submitting a sample at, and just before you go in, tap in enough heat activator powder to watch the temperature strip get to as close to 100°F as possible, but without going over.

If I had the money, especially if I thought I would face an on the job test, then I would go for Quick Luck because within literally two minutes you can produce a high-quality sample that’s within the correct temperature range. But if you have notice of your drug test, then save yourself 20 bucks and go for Sub Solution instead.

Just make sure that whichever brand of fake urine you buy, you buy it well in advance so you don’t get caught out on your timing.