Quick Luck Review: Why This Fake Urine Is Perfect

Quick Luck is the latest Clear Choice urine product, and it’s billed as being better than Sub Solution, the number one selling fake urine product. So what I’m going to do in this Quick Luck review is tell you exactly how good it is.

I’ll compare Quick Luck to Sub Solution, and compared in both to Quick Fix, one of the older and more basic formula fake urine products out there.

I’ll also give you full instructions on how to use Quick Luck, and where the best place to buy it from is, alongside telling you about something you can buy that will increase your chances of passing a drug test using Quick Luck to 99%.

About Clear Choice Urine

Clear choice is a really reputable detox product company. They make Rescue Cleanse, one of the most high-quality detox drinks you can buy.

They also make Sub Solution, which has been the top-selling brand for a few years now. It’s highly complex in formula, doesn’t contain biocide (an artificial preservative that drug labs now look for), and it uses heat activator powder rather than a less reliable heatpad.

Clear Choice have now released Quick Luck though. It’s meant to be even more advanced and convenient than Sub Solution. So let’s take a look at that claim in detail.

What’s In Quick Luck?

To pass a drug test you need the most complex synthetic urine possible, and it needs to be submitted within the correct temperature range (legally a sample has to be between 90°F and 100°F within four minutes of handing over the sample container).

Quick Luck has the following characteristics:

  • Quick Luck contains urea and uric acid
  • Quick Luck contains creatinine a byproduct of creatine is always found in urine
  • Quick Luck is balanced for pH and specific gravity
  • Quick Luck contains a total of 15 chemical markers found in real human urine
  • Quick Luck looks like human urine, but it also froths and smells like it as well

Vitally, Quick Luck does not contain biocide. A lot of the cheaper and older fake urine brands do, which is why in the past couple of years there’s been a real spike in failures with those products, because the drug testing labs now look for the presence of biocide in samples. Clear Choice guarantee that both Quick Luck and Sub Solution do not contain this preservative.

How To Use Quick Luck

Instructions for using Quick Luck are pretty straightforward. In fact, you won’t get simpler, and importantly you can get a viable sample together in less than two minutes.

So here’s how to use Quick Luck successfully:

  1. Quick Luck is premixed to don’t even need to find some filtered water to mix it with.
  • You don’t need a microwave because Quick Luck comes with heat activator powder. It also comes with a pair of high-quality heatpads, although I can’t really work out why you would use and when you have the power of the heat activator powder.
  • So all you have to do with Quick Luck is wait until just before you want to submit your sample, just before you go into the building, or just before you are called for on-the-job drug testing, and you tap in about one third of the heat activator powder. You then shake it gently, and watch the temperature rise.
  • You’ll want to get the temperature as close to 100°F as you can without going over. It usually takes between one third and one half of the heat activator powder to achieve this temperature level.

As you can see, Quick Luck is incredibly convenient. There really is minimal preparation. Just open up the container with the premixed urine in, tap in some heat activator powder, and within about two minutes you got the most complex synthetic urine on the market in your hands, that’s also within the right temperature range for a legal sample.

Quick Luck Vs Sub Solution Vs Quick Fix

Quick Luck costs $100. Sub Solution costs $80.

The only difference between the two of them is the fact that Quick Luck is slightly more complex (but Sub Solution is still more than complex enough to pass any standard drug test), and the fact that Quick Luck is premixed.

So, you could keep Quick Luck at work for on-the-job drug testing, whereas you couldn’t do that the Sub Solution because you will need filtered water and extra time and space to mix it up with.

But if time is not a problem, then Sub Solution is just as good at $20 less. If you want the ultimate in convenience and formula, then Quick Luck is the way to go.

In terms of Quick Luck and Sub Solution against Quick Fix. It’s really like night versus day.

Quick Fix is a very basic formula of fake urine that “sort of” looks like real urine. For basic five panel pre-employment drug test it’s probably good enough, and the success rate is high. But it’s really not in the same class as Sub Solution or Quick Luck.

Where To Buy Quick Luck

The conclusion of this Quick Luck synthetic urine review has to be that it’s the #1 synthetic urine in terms of reliability for several very good reasons.

I know it’s $100, but if you’re going for a drug test is usually for employment or insurance purposes then obviously you really want to pass it.

It’s so close to human urine in composition and its physical characteristics, alongside the power of the heat activator powder giving you complete control over the temperature you submit it at, that nothing else comes close to it. And that’s before you throw in the fact it’s premixed and can be warmed up and submitted within two minutes.

In terms of where to buy Quick Luck, I’d recommend you always buy Clear Choice urine from the official Clear Choice web store.

Not only will you get a great price, but you’re also avoid buying a fake, which can happen if you buy it from general marketplaces websites.

I’ll also mention you can buy something called the “practice kit” with Quick Luck and Sub Solution at a discounted price.

The practice kit contains everything you get with Quick Luck, except the urine. You can use warm water to test the heatpads, and the activator Powder, so that you understand exactly how to warm the urine up, how much activator powder you need, and how quickly you’ll have a viable sample ready to submit.

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