Red Borneo Kratom Effects: Amazing Pain Relief & Calmness

If you’re looking for a classic, affordable red kratom that can deliver calmness, happiness, and pain relief, then Red Borneo could be perfect. Red Borneo kratom effects cover the whole spectrum that red kratom does, and at reasonable doses.

In this red Borneo kratom review, you going to learn everything you need to know to use this fantastically accessible strain of kratom easily.

Effects, dosage, using Red Borneo for pain relief, and how it compares to other red kratom strains as well, all in five minutes. Plus, I’ll also tell you about the best two places online that people in the USA can buy rich and rewarding kratom from.

Red Borneo Kratom Effects Explained

So let’s dive straight into this review by telling you about the Red Borneo kratom effects you can experience.

Now, this is all dose-dependent. Kratom is a strange substance because it doesn’t just get more intense as the dose increases, the effects actually change as well. How you feel at a low dose will be different to effects you get at a high dose.

So with Red Borneo kratom, the effects you can experience are kinda like a sliding scale depending on how much you take:

  1. At a low dose, you’ll get mostly stimulation, both mental and physical. At a low dose, all kratom is basically the same. Red, white, and green kratom will all produce a slight boost in physical energy levels and cognitive sharpness. This is because kratom is a member of the coffee family, and at a low dose the main alkaloids that you’ll feel are many of the minor stimulant ones.
  2. Red Borneo kratom effects will come into their own at a moderate dose. This is where you will start to feel calm, happy, positive. You’ll start to feel chilled out, but you can still function physically and cognitively. Your cognitive abilities will be enhanced, and you’ll still feel energized. This is the point at which you will start to also get some analgesia: some relief from physical pain.
  3. As the dose of Red Borneo gets stronger, so the effects will start to be strong classic red kratom ones. You’ll start to get a complete sense of calm and pain relief. You’ll feel happy, content, confident. Cognitively you’ll still be fine, but you won’t really want to do much physically.
  4. At a high dose, Red Borneo kratom effects are again classic. Almost complete chilling out, total pain relief, happiness, contentment, confidence. You’ll feel a little high, but just so at peace with the world. If the dose gets a little higher, you’ll even get a kratom high, a euphoria that then tips over into those feelings of peace and pain relief.

red vein borneo kratom

Red Borneo Kratom Dosage Guide

As you can see, what we have talked about basically falls into dosage brackets, and I’m now going to outline the doses that fall into those four brackets.

The four dosage brackets of Red Borneo I’d advise you work through are:

  • Low-level dose of up to 4 g
  • Moderate red Borneo kratom dosage of up to 6 g (low full-spectrum effects)
  • High Red Borneo dosage of up to 10 g
  • Very high/overwhelming dosage of 10+ grams

Using Red Borneo Kratom For Pain

Red Borneo kratom is a classic red, meaning that it will deliver significant pain relief even at a moderate dose. At a high dose, you’ll get total pain relief physically. You’ll also feel so calm and chilled out that any emotional pain or upset will also vanish.

For minor pain relief 5-6 g will be fine, but to achieve total pain relief you’re looking at 7 g or more. Just be aware that the higher the dose, the less productive and able to function you’ll be. But you will feel very rested and pain-free. If you got to function, 5 g twice per day will allow you to get through the day with energy and pain relief.

Red Borneo Vs Red Maeng Da

Some people wonder about the difference between Red Borneo and Red Maeng Da. To be honest, they are completely different animals. Red Borneo is a true kratom strain. It’s grown, harvested, dried out, ground into powder, and then sold to you.

But Maeng Da kratom is different. It’s not a strain at all. It’s usually just a stronger kratom. So you could buy it and it’s just Red Borneo that stronger than usual (tested and contains more alkaloids than normal), so they have bagged it up and labeled it as Maeng Da instead (obviously at a higher price).

However, you need to also be aware that it could be a blend of kratom. It could be a stronger red, blended with white or green that stronger as well. Basically, it’s not a classic red strain. But it can be very strong and energizing, and some people find it brilliant for pain relief.

Red Maeng Da Kratom Capsules

Where To Buy High Quality Red Vein Borneo Kratom

I hope this red Borneo kratom review has been helpful to you. Using Red Borneo kratom for pain relief can be absolutely brilliant, but you will need a decent dose to achieve several hours of total pain relief and calmness.

The best kratom costs slightly more money, because it’s rich in alkaloids. If the kratom doesn’t feel like a red kratom should at around 5 g then it’s not good quality kratom.

Two places I’ve found online that sell great quality red Borneo kratom are:

  1. Coastline Kratom is probably the best known and trusted kratom seller based in the USA today. They sell Red Vein Borneo, Green Vein Borneo, and even Red Ultra-Enhanced Borneo (incredibly potent but expensive).

They sell loose powder and kratom capsules. If you are a beginner, I’d advise trying capsules first. You don’t have to worry about weighing powder, you don’t have to worry about the bitter taste of kratom, or the dry and dusty nature of it. Simply swallow the right number of capsules to get the effect you want. But you will pay a premium for capsules.

  1. The second place I’d recommend is The Evergreen Tree. I’ve only ordered from these guys twice so far, but both times what’s been delivered has been as good as Coastline Kratom. They also sell capsules and loose powder with a great level of alkaloids.

In terms of Red Borneo, you can get both capsules and powder at competitive prices. Both The Evergreen Tree and Coastline Kratom offer a full moneyback guarantee, and they test the kratom they buy in to make sure it’s rich in alkaloids before they sell it on to you.