Red Kratom Review: Dosage, Effects, Comparisons

Red kratom can be hugely beneficial, which is why I’ve written this red kratom review. I benefited massively from its effects, and I want to pass on the potential benefits that you could get.

But you need pure kratom to achieve those potentially official effects. That’s actually tougher to get your hands on than you would think, with not many places out there selling pure red kratom.

So in this review of red kratom, I want to tell you about effects, dosage, compare some strains of use, and also tell you where I have found pure red kratom for sale at a reasonable price, backed up by quality and moneyback guarantees.

Why Red Kratom?

So what makes red kratom so brilliant, and how have I benefited?

Well, for years I struggled with physical ailments which have made me struggle emotionally as well. I won’t go into all the details here, but it’s really problematic at times, a relationship ending at one point.

About three years ago red kratom saved me a bit. I was aware of kratom, but I initially used white kratom to lift my mood, and although that worked to a degree with mood, it didn’t really deal with the physical pain or really help with the mental pain as much as I had hoped.

So what happened was, I went over to red kratom, I started using Red Kapuas. I’ve since found that the strain doesn’t matter as much as the quality, but Red Kapuas from PurKratom was the one that I feel worked for me best.

2-3 days per week, I would dose red kratom at around 6-8 grams, and within an hour would have total physical pain relief. I’d also feel much happier, but very relaxed, very calm, and I would also retain my mental and physical sharpness.

Red Vein Kratom Effects

The red vein kratom effects that you can experience will depend on the dose and the quality of the kratom.

At lower doses, kratom tends to all the pretty much the same. As long as it’s pure, kratom at low doses it’s a stimulant. This is no surprise as the kratom tree is a member of the coffee family.

So you will feel more energy physically, you’ll be sharper mentally, you’ll be more upbeat, more positive, just feeling slightly better.

But with red kratom, as the dose increases above a few grams, you’ll start to experience secondary effects that can really benefit you. This is because red kratom has more of the alkaloid 7-hydroxymitragynine than white or green kratom does.

This starts to generate the following range of benefits:

  • Increasing physical pain relief
  • An overwhelming sense of happiness and positivity
  • A washing away of all your emotional problems
  • Better energy levels physically and mentally

Now as the dose gets really high, I found, as you will, that those positive effects start to tip over into euphoria that’s a bit like heroin, morphine, or a large dose of any prescription opiate medication.

You’ll start to feel deliriously happy, you’ll have a huge rush of physical and emotional energy and happiness, but that will quickly tail off into a deepening sense of calm, detachment, and you’ll basically feel mentally and physically like your laying on the water and gently drifting with the tide.

Red kratom dosage

Red Vein Kratom Dosage Guide

To achieve that spectacular range of different effects using red vein kratom, you have to experiment with the red vein kratom dosage that is right for you to get them.

Again, I’ll say that the strain matters, the dose matters, but also the quality matters. On top of all that, who you are as a person, you’re a state of mind mentally and physically, will also add to, or deduct from, the dosage requirements.

But for me, as a general guide to help you, I found the following red kratom dosage brackets to be beneficial:

  • Beginner dose up to 3 g
  • A moderate dose of up to 6 g
  • A strong dose of up to 10 g
  • Overwhelming dose 10-15 g

Red Maeng Da Vs Red Bali

I want to do a comparison between Red Bali and Red Maeng Da to highlight the complexity of using red kratom and also to clear up one confusion I had when I started on my journey.

Red Bali is a classic red kratom. I always get mine from, where confusingly it’s labeled up as “Premium commercial Bali kratom”. But it’s guaranteed pure Red Bali kratom, I know because I asked them.

The effects are classic red: the higher the dose, the increasing nature of the sedation and pain relief, while still feeling blissfully happy.

But with Red Maeng Da that was different. I later found out that it is because Maeng Da isn’t actually a strain of kratom. It’s basically just a strong kratom that is labeled up as Maeng Da, “Pimp grade”.

However, it also appears that what I bought had a bit of white kratom mixed in, so it was exceptionally strong but too energizing for me. If you’re going to use Red Maeng Da, then I would stick to the stuff you can buy from Coastline Kratom, because they guarantee its red kratom strains only.

red kratom review

Where To Buy Red Kratom

So want to conclude this brief red kratom review by telling you about a couple of places I’ve learned over the years sell pure red kratom. These are in addition to Coastline Kratom, who I thoroughly recommend because of the quality of the loose powder kratom they sell. Check out their Red Bali especially.

  1. PurKratom sells a fantastic range of pure kratom in capsule form, and the same great kratom in loose powder form as well.

Prices are good, and the quality is pure, as is with Coastline Kratom. However, the quality of the kratom generally isn’t quite as good. But you can get a wider range, 21 different types, in both capsule and loose powder form. This is backed up by a moneyback guarantee, and free shipping in the USA.

  1. The other place I found that sells fantastic kratom generally is BuyKratom. They sell only loose powder, no capsules, but the powder they sell is fantastic.

I always get Red Vein Kali from these guys, as it’s difficult to get elsewhere, but does have a very different set of effects. It’s rich in its red kratom effects, however, I found that it’s very long-lasting, and basically a bit more subtle than most kratom is.