Are Rescue Detox Reviews Accurate: Does This Detox Pill Work?

If you’re in the market was in detox pills and then Rescue 5Dday Permanent Detox is definitely a name you’ll come across pretty quickly. But are Rescue Detox reviews right, is this a powerful detox pill?

There are quite a few misconceptions about detox pills generally, and also about Rescue Detox. I’m going to clear all that confusion up for you right now. I’ll also tell you the exact Rescue 5 Day Detox instructions you need to follow to successfully use it, and give you a couple of top tips to increase your chances of getting clean.

I will end this review by answering that key question around Does Rescue 5 Day Detox work? And give you an alternative strategy which might be better for you to use, especially if you’re short of time before your test.

What Is Rescue 5 Day Permanent Detox?

Rescue 5 Day Detox is a course of detox pills. You basically take them every day and they help to speed up removing toxins from your body at a faster rate than it can remove them naturally

There are lots of detox pills out there which claim to do this, but very few actually work. Please ignore those cheap ones that cost like $30, that are just general detox pills that don’t have the power to help your body and to push out more toxins.

Rescue 5 Day Permanent Detox is a rare beast, one of only two brands of detox pill I recommend (the other one being Toxin Rid). But it does work, the question is how well?

You Need To Do A Natural Detox: This Is No Miracle Pill!

The first point I have to make to you here in this Rescue Detox review is that it’s not a miracle pill. You can’t just carry on smoking weed for example, take the course of pills and expect to be clean.

You have to stop smoking weed, or taking whatever drug you’re using, and then you have to do a full natural detox for at least the same amount of time you are doing the course of pills provided in the box:

  • Cut out as many toxins as you can, things like alcohol and tobacco
  • Cut out fat, refined carbohydrates, sugar, all the crap
  • Eat healthily, lean protein, fruit, vegetables, and good amounts of fiber
  • A natural detox should include a high amount of daily exercise to sweat out toxins through the skin and speed up your metabolism
  • You’ll have to drink plenty of water as urinating can push out more toxins
  • Eating the fiber pushes cannabis toxins out through your bowels as well

Rescue 5 Day Detox Instructions

So you’re doing that healthy natural detox, now it’s time to do the Rescue 5 Day Detox course.

Now I will say here at the start of these Rescue 5 Day Detox instructions that it’s not actually five-day course at all. That may sound nuts, but look at the instructions:

1. The day before you start the five-day course take the four “starter” pills with 24 oz of water.

2. For each day of the main Rescue 5 Day Permanent detox course, take six “morning formula” pills with 24 oz of water when you first get up.

3. Every afternoon of the five-day course, take six of the “evening formula” pills. Do this late afternoon, around 5 PM is ideal. Again, take them with 24 oz of water.

4. The day after you have finished the five-day course (so day seven in total) you take the four “finisher” pills with the same amount of water.

5. On the day of your test, which hopefully is the next day (day eight) take the eight “ICE formula” detox pills, again with 24 fluid ounces of water. Then urinate several times over the next hour. You should be then totally clean to take a drug test.

So as you can see, Rescue 5 Day Permanent detox is actually an eight-day process, so it’s slightly misleading but it makes it more powerful than it could ever be in just five days (because only a certain amount of toxins can be pushed out at any one time).

Does Rescue 5 Day Detox Work?

If you follow the Rescue 5 Day Detox instructions, how likely is it to get you clean: does Rescue 5 Day Detox work?

Well, it’s definitely one of the better detox pills on the market. Toxin Rid is definitely stronger, but over eight days, alongside a natural detox, unless you are a chronic weed smoker, then Rescue Detox will get you clean.

Just follow my advice here though. Have some home drug test kits handy. Take one at the end of the main pill course, and do the second one and hour after finishing the ICE detox pills.

If you’re still showing as positive then you’ll need to use a high-quality detox drink to mask any remaining toxins. Rescue cleanse, Ultra Eliminex, or Mega Clean are definitely the brands detox drink to use.

So even if it doesn’t get you completely clean, it will mean that a quality detox drink has less toxins to hoover up and mask, giving you the best possible chance of passing a drug test even if you are not 100% clean.

Is There Something Faster Out There?

So look, those Rescue Detox reviews saying it works are right: Rescue Detox works.

But it’s not the most potent pill out there, Toxin Rid is definitely more powerful. But Rescue 5 Day Detox costs about $60, while Toxin Rid costs double that.

However, if you’re looking for an alternative strategy which doesn’t involve a week’s worth of natural detox and detox pill effort, then I would recommend that you use fake urine instead.

High-quality brands like Sub Solution, Quick Luck, or if you’re a real budget, Quick Fix, will work. If it’s a basic pre-employment test, Quick Fix could do the job, but if you want to be certain, then Quick Luck or Sub Solution are definitely the premium brands of synthetic urine out there which will pass a drug test every time.

Synthetic urine use means you don’t have to detox at all, you’re literally passing over a clean sample. But if you want to get genuinely clean, if you want to do this, then a natural detox alongside Rescue 5 day Permanent Detox is definitely the second best option out there, and far more affordable than Toxin Rid.

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