Rescue Detox Review: Does This Detox Drink Actually Work?

Rescue Detox is a little-known detox drink and I want to clear up all the confusion around it right now. In this brief Rescue Detox review I’m going to set you straight and tell you if the works.

Not only will I clear up the confusion, but I’ll give you full Rescue Detox ICE instructions (including top tips from me), and tell you about my real-world testing and investigation of this detox drink.

Plus, I’m going to give you a few recommended detox drink alternatives I’ve found always work to pass a drug test.

Here’s The Big Confusion Around Rescue Detox ICE

Rescue Detox has quite a lot of confusion around it. If you Google the name, you’ll get a myriad of results which help to cause that confusion. The problem is not only its name, but also associated products from the same company, and how the product bottle actually looks.

Let’s cover the bottle first. It’s red white and blue, and has a big “Red Cross” medical symbol on it. This is an almost identical designed to the well-known and trustworthy detox drink called Rescue Cleanse, made by company called Clear Choice. Personally, I don’t think that’s a coincidence.

rescue detox vs rescue cleanse

The second confusion is the fact that Rescue Detox ICE (Instant Cleansing Energy) is the name of both a detox drink and a detox pill product from the same company.

Rescue Detox ICE caps are the detox pills product. They aren’t particularly effective, and they are not permanent detox pills. You get 12, and you take them with water before a drug test. They are meant to keep you clean for up to 5 hours. So, in effect, they are a detox drink in pill form. I’ve tested them, and they didn’t allow me to pass a home drug test kit.

The third confusion is that the same company also makes a detox pill course called Rescue Five Day Detox. This is a permanent detoxification course that actually works if you follow the instructions closely. But there’s even more confusion thrown in because it also contains eight ICE caps that you use.

So as you can see, just telling someone to try “Rescue Detox ICE” can bring up and myriad of confusion if they start looking around to buy it. For the avoidance of any doubt, this Rescue Detox review is about the detox drink.

Rescue Detox Ice Instructions

Let’s now quickly look at the full Rescue Detox ice instructions you need to follow to use this detox drink to try and pass a drug test:

1. It’s always recommended with a detox drink of any type that you try and do at least a 24-hour detox the day before your test. Preferably two or three days is better if you have the notice. That means abstaining, drinking plenty of water, urinating, eating healthily, and sweating. You can accelerate this with detox pills. I’d recommend Toxin Rid as the best quality ones out there, and you can even buy a single 24-hour course.

2. You shouldn’t eat or drink for three hours before or after consuming this detox drink. To me that’s quite extreme, but those are the instructions listed on the bottle.

3. Two hours before your drug test drink the contents of the Rescue Detox ICE bottle in about 15 minutes.

4. Refill the halfway with water and drink that over about 15 minutes as well. For me, the use of so much additional water is a sure sign that the detox drink isn’t good enough. You simply shouldn’t need so much water and it risks your sample being deluded.

5. From the time you start drinking the detox drink and the follow-up bottles of water, make sure you urinate as frequently as possible to eliminate toxins.

6. A tip you won’t read about often, is to always use home drug test kits after you have cleansed yourself to make sure they work. There’s no point in going for the drug test if you know you’re going to fail.

Does Rescue Detox Actually Work?

So the million dollar question is does Rescue Detox actually work to pass a drug test?

Unfortunately, it’s got a really mixed reviews online. Personally, I know two people who failed using this detox drink.

The first friend was two years ago. They actually thought it was Rescue Cleanse, and it wasn’t till after the test that we realized they bought the wrong bottle. They followed the instructions, but even as a moderate weed smoker, they failed the drug test. That cost them a part-time job. Not the end of the world, but it just didn’t need to happen.

The second friend used it about eight months ago. They grabbed it locally (although I’ve no idea where) as a quick fix for a short notice drug test. They also failed.

For me, it’s variable. If you’re a moderate smoker or drug user then with a 48 hour detox you might just get away with it because there will not be many metabolites to deal with. As a regular user though, I just don’t think you will.

You can increase the efficiency by doing a 48 hour detox beforehand, and enhance that using high-quality detox pills like Toxin Rid. If you’re going to go to all that trouble and have the time to do that, then it’s better to just use a higher quality detox drink as well.

Better Alternatives To Rescue Detox

Obviously the first alternative to Rescue Detox I’m going to recommend is going to be Clear Choice Rescue Cleanse. That’s the detox drink my buddy thought he was buying. It’s affordable at $55, and head and shoulders above the Rescue Detox drink I’m reviewing here.

clear choice rescue cleanse detox drink

Ultra Eliminex is my second alternative detox drink. That’s really expensive at $85, or more. However, it is the most potent detox drink on the market. If you’re a light smoker you could get away without the detox on the day before, but I wouldn’t recommend it.

Third on the list is Mega Clean. You can get it at Walmart, but I wouldn’t recommend buying it there. The best thing to do is to grab it with the six pre-rid pills from here (link), or teaming up with a 24-hour course of Toxin Rid to eliminate enough toxins for it to do its job to the best effect, as it’s not quite as strong as Ultra Eliminex or Rescue Cleanse.

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