Rescue Detox Review: Instructions, Tips & Alternatives

This is going to be a straightforward Rescue Detox review based on my own personal testing of this detox drink at home using home drug test kits.

I haven’t used this in a live drug test, and at the end of this review of Rescue Detox ICE, I’m pretty sure you will see why.

So we will go through what Rescue Detox ICE is (as there is confusion around this product), tell you the full Rescue Detox ICE instructions you should use, how to do a detox before the day of your test to improve your chances of success, as well as telling you about three other detox drinks out there that are more powerful.

What Is Rescue Detox ICE?

To clear up the confusion, Rescue Detox ICE, for the purposes of this Rescue detox review, is referring to the detox drink version.

The company who make this detox drink, Applied Sciences, make two identical products called Rescue Detox ICE.

The first is the detox drink we are reviewing here, the second are Rescue detox ICE caps (capsules). These are designed to do the same thing as detox drink, but they also market them as supplementary product, as you can take the capsules alongside the drink to flush out more toxins and get temporarily clean.

In effect, Rescue Detox ICE capsules and drink are exactly the same, just in different formats. They flush out toxins (allegedly) to temporarily leave your urine clean.

I want to also just mention the similarity between Rescue Detox and Rescue Cleanse detox drink. Made by Clear Choice, Rescue Cleanse is a premium product that really works.

For me, Rescue Detox is mimicking that product. Just take a look at the bottles side by side, and you’ll see huge similarities which to an untrained eye could make you think that they were from the same company. My suspicion is that is what Applied Sciences wanted to achieve when they designed the product, because Clear Choice are probably the best known premium detox product brand.

However, I suspect in response to this, Clear Choice have recently redesigned their own bottle to make it less similar:

Rescue Detox ICE Instructions

Now, just to explain to you how a detox drink works. It doesn’t permanently get you clean.

What a detox drink does is to flush out the toxins in your bladder and urinary tract. It does this using a combination of the flood of liquid, alongside things in the liquid helping to draw toxins out.

But more than that, the detox drink also floods your body with nutrients so that some are passed through as waste to be found in your fresh and clean urine, basically meaning it appears natural.

However, after a few hours, the toxins remaining in your body start to leak into your urine stream, and the effect is lost.

So that’s what Rescue detox ICE sets out to achieve, and here are the Rescue detox ICE instructions that you need to use:

  1. Preferably with a chilled bottle, smoothly drink the contents over about 15 minutes, take up to 30 minutes if you need to as 32 fluid ounces can be a lot of liquid for some people.
  • Half refill the bottle with water and drink that over about 15 minutes as well.
  • Once you have consumed all the liquid required, urinate as frequently as possible over the next 30-60 minutes. You need to aim to urinate at least three times to make sure all the old urine is expelled.
  • Once you’ve completed that process you should have between three hours and five hours clean to submit a sample. However, that will depend on whether you have done a natural detox, and the amount of toxins you’ve got in your body as well, because the more you have, the more obviously they will appear in your urine more quickly.

Does Rescue Detox ICE Work?

So drumroll please…….

Does Rescue Detox ICE work?

I tested using a home drug test kit. I followed the instructions I’ve just given you exactly, and I did a home drug test kit 60 minutes after I had urinated for the third time. The drug test still showed as positive.

To me, that shows that this detox drink is unreliable. I did a 24-hour detox, and my weed smoking is down to about one joint a day now.

I’ve used Rescue Cleanse and Mega Clean to pass a live drug tests in the past, so this appears to be a problem with the quality of Rescue Detox ICE, rather than me having such a high level of toxins in my body that a detox drink couldn’t cope.

I’ll also tell you that somebody I trust online, somebody I have talked to about drug test products (another website owner actually) for several years, failed a live drug test using Rescue detox a couple of years back before they started their own site. It was just a little verification that backs up my view here.

So the conclusion of this Rescue Detox review has to be that it’s not to be trusted. If you can’t get your hands on anything else, then sure, it’s better than water, but even if you follow the full Rescue Detox ICE instructions alongside a 24 hour detox, then my conclusion is that your chances of passing are pretty slim.

Rescue Detox ICE Alternatives

Now we’ve cleared Rescue Detox ICE out of the way, because if I’m honest it’s a car crash of a detox drink, let’s look at the premium products that really do flush out the toxins and keep you free metabolites for several hours.

The three options you have are:

  • Rescue Cleanse from Clear Choice, costing $55
  • Ultra Eliminex from Herbal Clean, costing $80
  • Mega Clean, from Detoxify, costing $69.95

Clear Choice Rescue Cleanse is the cheapest, but it’s still very effective. You don’t need the extra water, and unless you’ve got high toxin exposure, then it will be suitable for pretty much anyone.

Mega Clean is priced at $69.95 from Test Clear. You’ll get six free Toxin Rid pills bundled in, allowing you to do a 24-hour detox to increase its potency.

Ultra Eliminex is the most expensive, but it’s also the strongest brand. If you’ve got the money, this could well be the one to go for.

Just make sure that whichever one you choose, you do at least a 24-hour detox before the day of your test if possible. If you got 48 hours, or 72, stop smoking weed or whatever, start drinking plenty of water, do some exercise, and get those toxins out of your body. That way, on the day of your test, there will be less work for the detox drink to do.

If you want speed up the process of a natural detox, grab yourself a short course of Toxin Rid, because that will get rid of toxins at an increased rate.

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