How To Use Fake Urine & Top 4 Best Synthetic Urine Kits Reviewed

If you want to pass a drug test when your body is riddled with drug toxins then the absolute best way to do that is to use synthetic urine. But understanding what you get with a synthetic urine kit, and what to look for in the best products out there, can be really tough.

So what I put together here is a five-minute guide on everything you need to know to use fake urine to pass a drug test.

We’re going to talk through what fake urine has to contain to fool drug testing companies, how to use it with minimum chance of getting caught, and what you should look for in the best synthetic urine products out there. Plus, we will finish with four fake urine reviews of the top four products based on the criteria I’ll layout here.

When You Can Use Fake Urine

When it comes to passing a drug test, as a regular drug user who could well have drug metabolites in the body all the time, you have the following options to get around the problem:

  1. You can use a detox drink, which masks the toxins for a few hours. The high-quality detox drinks out there not only flush out the metabolites passing through your kidneys and out through your bladder, they also flush liquid through the body that replaces that urine in a perfectly balanced way because of the vitamins and minerals it contains. However, the effects are temporary, and compared to the other options there is a higher chance of failure, especially if you aren’t able to detox for a few days before the test. However, if you are facing a supervised drug test where somebody will be in the room with you then this is your best option.
  2. The second option is a full-body natural detox. This is where you completely abstain from drugs until all of the metabolites have worked their way out. This can be accelerated using high-quality detox pills, often by as much as 50%. However, if you’re a chronic weed smoker, it could still take you up to 2 weeks to get clean and you’ll rarely have that much notice. Being completely clean is obviously the best option for any type of drug test, but it’s really tough to do because of the time it takes.
  3. That leaves us with the third option of using fake urine to pass a drug test. The best synthetic urine out there will definitely do the job even for the most complex of drug test. But the limitation of synthetic urine is that you can’t use it for a supervised drug test, because you’ve got very few options for getting that fake urine into the sample container with somebody in the room with you.

So fake urine can be perfect for unsupervised drug tests, the most common type administered. If you’re going for a pre-employment drug test or something to do with insurance, the courts, whatever, then the chances are that it will be unsupervised. Only very rarely would it ever be a supervised drug test, and in fact, I’ve never come across anyone who’s ever had one.

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The Characteristics Of High-Quality Fake Urine Kits

To pass the scrutiny of a modern, digitalized, drug testing company, fake urine has to have a lot of key characteristics to enable it to do that:

  • It has to look, froth, and even smell like the real thing
  • Fake urine has to contain creatinine, your urea, and uric acid as a minimum
  • The most complex synthetic urine kits contain many more chemicals found in urine
  • Must be perfectly balanced for pH and specific gravity
  • Has to have the ability to be heated up to between 90°F and 100°F and stay there
  • must not contain an artificial preservative called biocide

So to pass a modern urinalysis, the urine itself has to be highly complex, really closely mimicking human urine. And, the best synthetic urine kits will contain a method that allows you to keep that sample within the range that’s legally accepted.

Top Tips For Passing A Drug Test Using Fake Urine

When it comes to giving you top tips for passing a drug test using a synthetic urine kit, there are a few key things that you need to be aware of.

  1. The temperature of the sample is crucial. It’s the number one reason why people fail a drug test when submitting fake samples. Most products use heatpads, but a couple uses heat activator powder. Whatever method you use, that sample has to be between 90°F and 100°F when you hand that sample over.
  2. Whichever method you are using, heatpad or activator powder, you need to check the temperature before you enter the building you are submitting your sample in. If the temperature is cool, you can just add more heat activator powder. If you are using a heatpad then you will need a heat source to raise the temperature. Hot water can be ideal for this.
  3. It’s important to not panic and think you’re going to be strip-searched before you take your sample. They will not search you at all, but they will make you remove bags and coats. But what you’re going to do is push the sample into tight-fitting underwear so that it’s next to your body in your crotch area. You’ll then put on baggy jogging bottoms to disguise this completely. You’ll do this whether you are male or female.

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Fake Urine Review: Top 4 Best Synthetic Urine Products

I’m hoping the outline I’ve already given you about the quality of the fake urine you will need to find to pass a drug test, and the tips I’ve given you will give you the confidence to know that you can pass a drug test using synthetic urine.

I wouldn’t look for stores that sell synthetic urine though. Buying them from corner stores, smoke shops, places like that, is a recipe for disaster.

Stores that sell fake urine tends to be buying in the cheapest brands and selling them for the largest profit that they can. So you will be paying a lot more money for an inferior brand.

Also, a lot of the brands out there contained biocide. It’s an artificial preservative that it’s rumored drug testing labs now check for the presence off, because it’s an obvious and easy way to spot fake samples. So don’t buy synthetic urine from stores, buy it from is specialist online retailers, and only buy the best quality brands that don’t contain biocide.

  1. Quick Luck – Best Synthetic Urine Brand 2020

Number one on any genuine list of the best synthetic urine kits has to be the latest fake urine from Clear Choice, called Quick Luck. Quick Luck is expensive, it costs $100. However, what you’re getting for your money is the ultimate in complexity and convenience.

It’s premixed, and it’s complex in composition. 15 chemicals found in real human urine, perfectly balanced, and really looks like the real thing as well.

But more than that, Quick Luck uses heat activator powder rather than a heatpad. That means you don’t even have to prepare the sample in advance and keep it warm while you transport it.

When you get to the drug testing lab, just tap in some heat activator powder, shake it up until it dissolves, and then check the temperature. Keep doing that bit by bit until you get a reading on the temperature strip. Then tuck the sample in your underwear and go and submit your sample. It literally takes only a minute or two.

Also, because it’s premixed, complex, and can be warmed to the right temperature rapidly, Quick Luck is absolutely ideal for on the job drug testing. If you think you might face on the job drug testing, keep Quick Luck in your car, your cab, and your locker.

As well as containing the heat activator powder in the synthetic urine kit, Quick Luck also comes with a pair of high-quality heatpads. So you could warm the sample in advance, leaving the heat activator powder less work to do.

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  1. Sub Solution

The second best synthetic urine you can buy is another Clear Choice product called Sub Solution.

Sub Solution is actually the number one selling fake urine, but there are reasons I’m putting it in second place behind its sister product Quick Luck. What you’re getting the Sub Solution is basically the same as Quick Luck, but with a couple of crucial differences.

Firstly, Sub Solution is powder. You have to mix it with filtered water to turn it into synthetic urine. That’s not a problem as long as you’ve got that water with you, but it makes it unsuitable product to use for on-the-job drug testing.

Secondly, Quick Luck is a slightly more updated and complex formula. Sub Solution is still updated every year, and it contains 14 chemicals found in urine, but Quick Luck is a slightly more complex option.

Sub Solution costs $80 rather than $100, so if you haven’t got any money worries then I’d spend the extra $20 and buy Quick Luck. But Sub Solution is perfectly good enough for any type of drug test as long as you’ve got time to turn it into a liquid.

Sub Solution also uses heat activator powder, in the same way, that Quick Luck does. So you don’t have to worry about heatpads at all. Unlike Quick Luck though, Sub Solution doesn’t come with heatpads just in case you want that option, you literally just get heat activator powder.

  1. Quick Fix Best Budget Fake Pee 

My third fake urine review is for Quick Fix. This is the best of the budget brands of fake urine out there. You simply cannot compare it to the best synthetic urine like Quick Luck and Sub Solution though. It’s important to understand Quick Fix is very simplistic compared to those complex formulas.

Quick Fix only contains urea, uric acid, and creatinine. It’s perfectly balanced for pH and specific gravity, but it does lack the depth of chemicals found in urine. So if you are facing higher-quality drug testing then it could struggle to pass.

If you’re just facing a cheap pre-employment drug test though, then Quick Fix should be good enough.

The only thing I would mention on the downside about Quick Fix is that some people do report that it doesn’t quite look like urine when you hold it up the light. Some people say it can look slightly green. In fact, although it’s unproven, I have seen a video on YouTube where somebody who claims to be a lab technician said that they can spot some fake samples by holding them up to the light.

But costing just $30 for the smaller 2 oz size, or $40 for the 3 oz “Plus” size, this is a real money saver that could still get you through a basic drug test.

Quick Fix uses a heatpad, and it comes with a single heatpad for you to use. In my testing, the heatpad is pretty reliable and kept the sample temperature within the right temperature range for about two hours before it became more variable.

If you’re going to use Quick Fix, or the fourth choice product on my list of synthetic urine kits, I would make sure you take a flask of hot (not boiling) water with you just in case you have to warm the sample before you go in.

  1. Monkey Whizz

Last, on my list of the best synthetic urine, you can buy is Monkey Whizz. Stupid name, but a pretty good fake urine kit.  There’s not a lot to set it apart from Quick Fix. It’s the same basic formula, and in terms of the actual urine, there’s not really much to choose between the two budget brands.

However, Monkey Whizz is a slightly different color, a little more straw yellow when you hold it up the light. It could be a good thing, or a bad thing, I’m guessing it that will just come down to bad luck if it was scrutinized closely.

Monkey Whizz is actually the name of the brand, what you are talking about here is the product called monkey Flask.

Monkey Flask is exactly the same as Quick Fix. It’s premixed, it’s 3 fluid ounces in size, and it costs $40.

You get the same sort of level of complexity and the formula, and it comes with a single heatpad that in testing does kick out the right quantity of heat for several hours before things start to get more sketchy.

So when it comes to finding the best synthetic urine in the budget range, there’s really not a lot to choose between Quick Fix and Monkey Whizz. However, Quick Fix is an older product and does have a longer track record of passing a drug test.

If I had $80, I’d be buying Sub Solution. If I could afford $100, I would be buying Quick Luck. The same as anything else, the more you spend, the better it will be, and when it comes to passing a drug test then surely you need to maximize your chances of doing that?