White Borneo Kratom Review: Effects, Dosage&Where To Buy

You’ll learn about everything you need to know in this White Borneo kratom review. It’s one of the most potent and “clean” white kratom strains, in terms of its classic white kratom effects, and well worth trying.

You will learn about how to spot high-quality White Borneo kratom powder, as well as have defined the effects you can expect, as well as discussing the level of White Borneo kratom dosage you will need to get the full spectrum experience.

White kratom can be incredibly energizing and uplifting, and can also help to solve problems with depression. So let’s take a look at all that goodness, as well as tell you where you can buy really good quality White Borneo kratom powder.

White Kratom Explained

 White kratom is the most uplifting and energizing of three main types of kratom.  We will talk about the exact white Borneo kratom effects you will experience in a moment, but generally, you will get a significant physical and emotional energy boost, along with sharpened cognitive performance, and a more positive outlook.

These effects are the complete opposite of red kratom, which contains a higher proportion of the alkaloid in kratom that induces increasing analgesia and calmness leading to sedation.

You have to be careful with white kratom though. If you suffer from anxiety or have trouble staying calm because of energy problems, suffer from ADHD, something like that, then white kratom could actually make your problems worse.

White Borneo Kratom Effects

Kratom has different effects at different doses. This is because of the way the alkaloids within it are structured.

At a low dose, White Borneo kratom effects will be stimulating. At low doses, all kratom is a stimulant because the predominant alkaloid profile at low doses is very stimulating, which is no surprise as kratom is a botanical relative of coffee.

As the dose increases the two main alkaloids in kratom become predominant, overwhelming the other lesser alkaloids. In white kratom, Mitragynine becomes the dominant alkaloid in terms of effect, and this alkaloid, in combination with the stimulant chemicals that kick-in a low dose, produce the following effects:

  • Significant physical energy increase
  • Mental sharpness and speed of thought
  • Overall cognitive improvements
  • A rush of positivity and happiness
  • Diminishing of depressive feelings
  • Desire to get things done

At very high doses, White Borneo kratom effects are still highly energizing. Red kratom is dominated by the other main alkaloid in kratom, 7-hydroxymitragynine, but in white kratom that alkaloid is minimized, meaning that you will feel the main stimulant benefits all the way through your dose.

However, after several hours, at very high doses, you will feel some tiredness, calmness, and pain relief, but not much.

white borneo kratom review

White Borneo Vs White Bali

White Borneo kratom effects compared to White Bali effects are broadly the same as we’ve explained here, but also slightly different, especially with an increasing dose.

White Bali is an even more potent white strain. The rush you will feel can be overwhelming at higher doses. It takes a higher dose of White Borneo usually to get that same immense rush of energy and uplift.

However, at lower doses, there’s not much to choose between them, and you probably won’t notice the difference other than some people claim White Borneo effects last for longer, but I’ve never really experienced any significantly increased duration personally.

White Borneo Kratom Dosage Guide

So now we’ve explained the main effects of White Borneo, let’s talk about the sort of range of  Borneo kratom dosage you will need to discover the full spectrum of effects this kratom can generate.

The trouble is that finding the correct dose of any type of kratom is very tough because every batch of kratom is different, every strain, every vein color, and you as a person will be different to somebody else.

Plus, factors like taking kratom on an empty stomach, tolerance, time of day, metabolism, all of these things can change the dosage slightly between different people.

As we’ve already explained, at lower doses all kratom is a stimulant, and it’s only as of the dose increases you’ll start to feel the individual traits, which then become overwhelming, and then all kratom tends to drift towards increasing sedation and tiredness.

So we can only give you brackets with which to start your experimentation with the effects of white Borneo kratom:

  • Low stimulant dose up to 4 g
  • Average full-spectrum dose up to 6 g
  • Strong full-spectrum dose to 10 g
  • Overwhelming full-spectrum dose above 10 g

If you haven’t tried kratom before at all, then start with a low dose of a couple of grams to see what you actually feel. Then for each fresh kratom experience, raise the dose by a couple of grams at a time. That way you can discover when the effects kick in, and change, for you, to find your own “sweet” spot.

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Where To Buy White Borneo Kratom Powder

There are a few places that I always buy my White Borneo kratom powder from, but for the purposes of concluding this Borneo kratom review, I’ll just tell you about my favorite.

Buykratom.us is a fantastic place to buy kratom from. You’ll get high-quality kratom, with a moneyback guarantee and free delivery in the USA (on orders over $50).

I can tell you that the White Borneo kratom powder they sell is fantastic quality. You can tell it’s good quality kratom because it smells rich, fresh, and earthy. It’s a very bitter taste which is always a good sign of kratom that’s been stored well and is potent.

In terms of cost, 1oz (28g) will cost you just $11.99. That’s enough for around five good doses of White Borneo. The price goes down as you buy more, with 8oz (227g) costing $79.99, saving you around $16.

So the conclusion of this White Borneo kratom powder review is that you should definitely try it. A few grams will give you energy and enthusiasm, and a slightly higher dose will give you a rush of happiness and energy that is difficult to beat.