Yellow Kratom Review: Effects, Dose & Where To Buy

Yellow kratom is an enigma. So I decided to do a quick yellow kratom review to try and clear up some of the questions around this very strange style of kratom.

I’ll explain how it’s believed yellow kratom is made, and what its effects and potency are. I’ll also compare a couple of the major strains of yellow kratom available, and also tell you exactly where you can buy real yellow kratom from.

How Is Yellow Kratom Made?

So look, here’s the thing. Nobody knows how yellow kratom is made. There are all sorts of rumors, so I’ll just briefly talk you through it all.

Kratom has three main variants, green, white, and red. In fact, there are only two vein colors in kratom leaves, white and red. And in fact, most kratom leaves have red veins, even some of the ones that make white kratom. The vein color can actually change during the drying process.

So what you can take from all that is that the actual color of the vein isn’t that vital. What’s important is the drying process. It’s the drying process, whether it’s indoors, outdoors, sunlight, how long, that creates the alkaloid profile and locks it in.

Yellow kratom is therefore not a vein color It’s not anything physical. Some people say it’s made from red, green, or white kratom. However, as you now know, it’s all about the drying process.

Some people even claim it’s dried as a red but then goes through a fermentation process but fermentation processes create kratom extracts, a stronger type of kratom, and there is no indication that yellow kratom is a boiled down and stronger kratom.

making yellow kratom

Yellow Vein Kratom Effects

So it’s as clear as mud how yellow vein kratom comes into being. But for me, yellow vein kratom effects are nuanced enough to be different from green, white, red.

Generally with kratom, at a low dose, you will experience an energy boost, both physically and mentally, alongside an improvement in your mood.

At higher doses, the effects diverge, as you taking more the alkaloids which are found in green, white, or red kratom.

It’s the same with yellow vein kratom effects as well. The higher the dose, the more pronounced those individual effects become.

For me, the effects I’ve experienced are an increase in mental and physical energy, a sense of calm, some pain relief, and a great feeling of warmth. Overall, I’ve had really good experiences with yellow kratom.

I’ll also just mention that if you’re making traditional kratom tea, by boiling kratom powder with water to make thick muddy liquid, yellow kratom seems to have a slightly more palatable and sweeter taste.

Yellow Vein Kratom Dosage

 So let’s quickly talk about yellow vein kratom dosage. Basically, I found that yellow vein kratom dosage range you should be the same as for other types of kratom:

  • Beginner dose of around 2-4 grams
  • A moderate dose of 5-6 grams
  • A strong dose of 7-8 grams
  • Very strong dose 9-10 grams
  • Overwhelming effects at around 11-15 grams

At higher doses of yellow vein kratom, you will experience a real strong sense of wellbeing, and some pain relief and detachment. So for me, it demonstrates that yellow vein kratom is closer to green, or even to some reds than to white kratom, because the energy boost definitely is not the same as a high dose of white kratom.

yellow kratom

Yellow Bali Vs Yellow Thai

Yellow Bali kratom doesn’t actually come from Bali. It’s made in Borneo, in the Indonesian part. It was exported through Bali at the beginning, which is where its name come from.

So Yellow Bali is also Yellow Borneo kratom. You’ll get a strong positive range of effects as I’ve already experienced from using it.

However, Yellow Thai is slightly different. I suspect that Yellow Thai kratom is derived from white vein kratom leaves because it’s far more energizing than the Bali/Borneo, or the yellow Vietnam kratom that I’ve experienced.

Where To Buy Yellow Vein Kratom

 So look, I hope this brief yellow kratom review has been useful. It’s a difficult topic, because the whole process around how yellow vein kratom is created, from which kratom leaves it is derived, is shrouded in mystery.

All you really need to know is that it is subtly different from the other three colors of kratom available. For me, I found the experience slightly richer and warmer, and with Thai, more intense and energizing

But in terms of where to buy yellow vein kratom, you will struggle to find it from reputable sellers.

However, PurKratom sells a yellow kratom capsule pack that will get you started. Capsules are brilliant because they are easy to digest without experiencing the taste of kratom. PurKratom seller wealth of different types of kratom is you can make a really comprehensive purchase and start your journey.

Another option is, which again offer yellow kratom in capsule form. The yellow vein kratom they have the sale is Vietnam kratom.

Both of these are great options for starting to quickly experiment with yellow vein kratom effects, to see how they differ from red, green, or white.